Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2, Month #1
05/Feb/2006 • Harrow School

Yingcharoen return to winning ways in Feb/2006 Vets League

Date: 10/Feb/2006
Once again, I would like to thank all of you for participating in the first competition of our 2nd season of Bangkok Vets League on Feb/5th. It was a another success, and lots of fun. Although we kicked off the day 1 hour late, I was relieved to have the Grand Final played before dusk.! We need to improve on this dramatically.

It was a welcome sight to have Yingcharoen Standbys, one of our previous champions, lifting the Top Trophy again following some dismal showing at the end of last season. Nevertheless, Sunbelt, narrowly losing in the Grand Final, should still take the result with pride, constantly improving their final standing each and every new tournament. They have a great opportunity to do it 1 better in the next month's competition...!

Both Germans and the British Club put up a valiant fight throughout the day, however losing on small mistakes, with a new tournament record from Germans — 2 own goals in 1 day..!!

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>  

After a lot of soul searching and discussions during our experimental 1st season in 2005, I have discovered that there is definitely a growing interest in some sort of regularly played Vets football in Bangkok. We struggled a lot to decide on a best or most-accepted format. We looked into a bi-weekly round-robin league style competition, only to find out that it's not easy to get the teams commit to such a league. It was suggested to play full-length games casually scheduled between the teams whenever possible, or perhaps midweek games under flood-lights, etc., etc., etc.

In 2005, in our bi-monthly tournament format events, we had the following teams coming and going off-&-on, sometimes confirming, declining, committing, cancelling, playing, but mostly having fun whenever they showed up:
    • British Club
    • Scandinavian Vikings
    • German
    • Sunbelt United
    • Yingcharoen Standbys
    • Winking Frog
    • Harrow Teachers
    • NIST Teachers
    • ThaiAir Village
    • Gulfcoast Arabians
    • RBSC Veterans
    • LeCoq French
    • Bangkok Cosmos
    • WebWorks Workers
    • Pataya Crocks
    • Bull's Head

It's been a struggle to get and keep the interest, and trying to form the more structured "league" format. Well . . . . . I think anything is possible once there is firm commitment among all the involved parties. And, what currently appears to be most acceptable is the same half-day tournament style events we have started in 2005. I found out that there is more commitment to these one-off bi-monthly tournaments rather than a bi-weekly league format.

So, with the recent increased interest, I am happy to announce that we will continue the half-day tournament format events in 2006, with a positive twist — we will increase the frequency to once every month. I think, for now, we should continue the same format as in 2005, until we can reach a critical number of committed teams that would want to form a true "league", hopefully in the later part of this year.

We will apply the same rules as before, which briefly are:
    • over-35-year-old-vets (for 2006, anyone born in or before 1971)
    • 7-players-a-side
    • 11-minutes-a-half (or, 15-minutes-a-match)
    • half-pitch
    • full-goals
    • no-offside
    • unlimited-rolling-subs
    • yellow-card-sit-out-the-half (the "sin bin" rule)
    • NEW ==> on 1st Sunday afternoons of every month (1pm-6pm)

Upon request from many, I'm trying to move the event to Patana School pitches to play on the newly marked small pitch right in front of the kiosk area, but there are some difficulties (e.g., no tents and benches for people to comfortably sit and watch the on-going games). We'll see how it goes. I must say, Harrow School venue has been convenient, and the people there have been very accommodating to us in 2005.

So, the next event is scheduled for Mar/5th (Sun.), and venue will be advised soon (either Harrow or Patana). If you need further information, do contact me. As always, I would also appreciate any of your suggestions on how to improve the event.

Thanks, once again, for supporting the "Vets" idea. It's looking it will expand with greater interest as we go forward.

Hoping to see many teams in March.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Jubilant Vets in the end-of-the-day group photo, displaying their silverware.

Author: Malcolm
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 05/Feb/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

The February Veterans tournament sponsored by Bangkok General Hospital, took place at the Harrow International School near Don Muang airport.

Taking part for Sunbelt were:
  • Malcolm (Spit the Dog) - goalkeeper
  • Preben (Firefan) - midfield
  • Gonzague (Singa-traz) - midfield
  • Khun Air - defence
  • Khun Air's mate - midfield
  • Phil (British Club) - striker
  • Yeman (Gonzague's french friend) - defence
  • Thai Baraja - free role
  • Scott Brown (Sunderland): Unavailable due to having a nervous breakdown playing the second half along side Festus in central defence yesterday
  • Balo (African striker): Unavailable as he has mysteriously dissapeared after being given 20 Sunbelt football shirts and 500 baht to to this weeks laundry. Just kidding!  
  • Mystery Guest (Unkown but I think he's from Singapore) - striker  

The first stage of the tournament was a mini-league. The teams involved were:
    • Sunbelt
    • Germans
    • British Club
    • Token Thai Team

Round 1:
    • Sunbelt 0-0 Token Thai Team
    • British Club 1-1 German Allstars
Round 2:
    • Token Thai Team 1-0 German Allstars
    • Sunbelt 2-0 British Club (goals form Gonzague and Phil)
Round 3:
    • British Club 0-1 Token Thai Team
    • Germans 0-2 Sunbelt (goals via an own goal and Preben)

We actually managed to win the mini-league but that counted for nothing as we were paired with the British Club in the Semi Finals. The other SF saw the Token Thai Team take an early 3-0 lead against the Germans. Despite a two goal fight back from the Germans, the Thai's held out for a 3-2 victory.

Our game against the British Club wasn't as eventful as both teams played out a 0-0 draw. This meant it was time for the dreaded penalty-shootout.

The first penalty was for the British Club.
    • 1-0
    • 1-1 Baraja
    • 2-1
    • 2-2 Phil
    • Next penalty saved by Malcolm
    • Referee not happy.
    • Re-take.
    • Skyed over the bar. Yippee!  
    • Up stepped the mystery guest to score and send us into the Grand Final.

The 3rd and 4th place between the British Club and the Germans ended with a 1-0 victory for the Brits.

The Grand Final proved to be a bit of an anti-climax as both ourselves and the Token Thai Team looked tired. The Thais scored an early goal and despite our efforts we coudn't find an equalizer. The end result was a 1-0 victory for the Token Thai Team.

Final Placings:
    • 1st - Token Thai Team
    • 2nd - Sunbelt
    • 3rd - British Club
    • 4th - Germans

Author: Tytus
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 05/Feb/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

Well done to our Veterans player for doing a veyr Good Job... You guys was really playing well... Preben, you scored your "first-ever" goal for Sunbelt United FC but hehehehe tis a veteren goal..

Gonzague goal was the best of the day..Comming on as a sub, he chested the ball and a nice voley into the top right corner of the post...

Emm i heard the Mystery player did really well but unfortunately he drank 10 bottles of water in between the match from start to the end hehehe

Good play guys next time you will win

Thanks Malcolm for the report

Author: Malcolm
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 05/Feb/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

So come on Gonzague. Tell us the truth. Was it a shot or an attempted cross??  

Author: Gonzague
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 06/Feb/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

I have to admit ... on this one, I did not want to pass the ball to anyone.

And It was not just a shot ... it was a GREAT SHOT !  

"Even the best need Luck !"

Author: Preben
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 11/Feb/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

We actually won the group after having played all teams. Cheers! Ben

From: Chris
Team: British Club
Date: 16/Feb/2006


Great Job !!

British Club will be there on the 5th, not sure who will be the manager yet, wish it was me, but one day soon hopefully !!

Best wishes,

From: Derek
Team: Winking Frog
Date: 17/Feb/2006

Will be there this time.


From: Gonzague
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 21/Feb/2006

Yes, EG, we will be there. We have the 1st cup to pick up this time :-)


From: Niclas
Team: Scandinavian Vikings
Date: 22/Feb/2006

Hi EG,

It looks like we will pull a team together fortunately. I will let you know latest on Monday, would that be ok?

Pattana is more convenient if you bring your families. There is food and drinks available nearby. On the second floor anyone would be safe from balls coming there way!


From: Mori
Team: BU Japan
Date: 23/Feb/2006

Hello Gonzague San,

Many thanks. We're really interested in this league.

But we need to some more time to prepare for joining this, may be start from April.

Anyhow I myself and some my guys will join 5th March.

Dear Mr. EG,

I'm Mori, coach of Bangkok United Japan. Can we join from April ?

Thanks and best regards,

From: Gonzague
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 23/Feb/2006

Hi EG,

We may need to book a Stadium, If we continue like this :-)

Let me know if you need help in the co-ordination/preparation.
I will be more than happy to assist.



Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





05/Feb/2006 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Yingcharoen 7 (2nd) Champ!
 • Sunbelt 7 (1st) 2nd
 • British Club 1 (4th) 3rd
 • Germans 1 (3rd) BadCup!
Note: "(3rd)" means finished 3rd after the Groups