Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2, Month #2
05/Mar/2006 • Harrow School

Vikings grab their first-ever championship in Mar/2006 Vets League

Date: 16/Mar/2006
Once again, I would like to thank all of you for participating in the 2nd competition of our 2nd season of Bangkok Vets League on Mar/5th. It was another great day of action-filled football, and plenty of laughs in between. Happy to report that we have improved on the kickoff time, which was only 15 min late.

Expecting 8 teams to compete (and still ready for anything less), we had a record-equaling 6 thoroughbred Vets teams taking part (second time since the Dec/2005 tournament):
    • British Club <== the ever-present Brits
    • Harrow Teachers <== the formidable teachers
    • Sunbelt United <== the resurgent Sunbelt
    • Scandinavian Vikings <== a returning founding member
    • BU Japan <== the new giants (of Asia!)
    • Winking Frog <== the new stalwart Froggies

I believe all of us were happy to have the 2 new teams on board — BU Japan Vets and Winking Frog Vets. Unfortunately, one day before, we lost Germans to rough Casual League fixtures and the Yingcahroen Standbys to the absence of their captain. However, the 6-team fixture still proved an enjoyable Group Stage, having each team play 3 other team, and getting a feel of the opposing competition.

It was obvious that, the long-absent (and hungry-for-silverware) Vikings were a force to reckon with throughout the day, winning all their group games rather handily. And, not to underestimate, the former rugby boys from the Winking Frog coming in a strong 2nd in the Group Stage, only dropping points to unpredictable British Club. Following their prior strong-showing in the previous 2 tournaments, the Sunbelt was also aiming for the Top Trophy, although only ensuring their 3rd spot after winning their last game against he underpowered rookie BU Japan. Amazingly, the British Club boys still made it into the top 4 with some moments of brilliance sprinkled throughout the day.

The 5th spot encounter between the Harrow and BU Japan turned out the most lopsided affair of the day. Hope our Japanese friends didn't take it too seriously, and will return to the next competition, and show us what they're really made of.

However, it was clear Vikings and Winking Frog were destined to meet in the Grand Final, although both had to endure penalty-shootouts, most surprising of all, British Club holding the Vikings to a 0-0 draw in the normal time. As a result, the British Club were so upset losing on the penalties again, they couldn't even muster enough courage to play the 3rd place game, but had to concede to the Sunbelt, which Sunbelt lads happily obliged and dove right into the icebox for some well-deserved green-tea.!

And, the Grand Final was the most exciting and the most competitive Grand Final we have witnessed since we started the Vets League back in Feb/2005. Both of these teams truly wanted a taste of victory and fought hard but fair, throughout. One goal each brought us to another penalty-shootout of the day, which went to sudden-death for the "first-ever" time ever in our League's short history. After losing a Grand Final on penalties to NIST Teachers back in Sep/2005, Vikings were determined to not let this one slip away, and converted all their penalties, while the Winking Frog missing their 4th shot. So go the penalty-shootouts, "like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"..!

Congratulations to all the teams, Winking Frog, and to our deserved champion — Vikings. It was a great day indeed.!

Just a few notes and observations from memory:
  • As the number of regular teams are increasing in the Vets, the level of football is also going up, which is a welcome sight.
  • We witnessed the fastest goal ever of our young league — in the very first kick of their game in the second Semi Final, in less than 10-sec, Malcolm from Sunbelt scored a fantastic (fluke!?!) goal against the Winking Frog, which everyone thought maybe they'll take down the Frog, only to realize that 9 min in a half is a pretty long time to maintain a lead.!
  • Of course, our good friend Derek from the Frog got the best of the beers even before any kickoff.
  • Congrats to the Winking Frog in their first but strong showing, and settling at 2nd place after some beautiful games and a great Grand Final, just losing on the first sudden-death penalty of the Vets.
  • Then, there's the issue of what to do with Anders from Vikings..? I'm gathering ideas on this, and may have to institute special rules just to keep the games at a level playing field..!!! Some suggestions are:
  • He plays for a different team in every game (therefore playing each and every game on the day).
  • He plays only 1 pre-declared game for the Vikings (excluding the Grand Final).
  • Teams playing against Vikings start with 1-0 ahead.
  • <more suggested rules are being devised>

All jokes aside, congratulations to Vikings for a big win. Hope they'll come back to defend their title. So far, only NIST Teachers were the only repeat champions.

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>  

As you well know, Apr/2nd is the election day, and most likely will not be changed. After talking to some of my Thai friends, I've learned that it is Ok to have people gathering on the election day, as long as it's "non-political peaceful assembly", which I'm pretty sure we are.! On the issue of beers, apparently it's also Ok to drink on that day in your own house/establishment (and in a peaceful manner!).

Sale of alcohol will be stopped starting from Saturday 6pm until the ballot boxes are closed on Sunday about 4pm, which means we'll have to do our shopping two days before (and can't start drinking until 4pm on Sunday..!!) ..!

In the light of that, what I like to ask you Captains is, which day would you prefer to hold the next Vets event.? Choices are below:
    (a) April/2nd (waiting for final checks with Harrow School)
    (b) April/9th
    (c) Either is Ok
    (d) Let's skip April

For Apr/2nd, I think we won't be able to have any Thai teams, but those of us not-eligible-to-vote Farangs could still go ahead. And, Apr/9th is too close to the Songkran, and some players may already be off to holidays. If not Apr/2nd or Apr/9th, then we'll just skip the month of April, and do it on our regular schedule on May/7th (first Sunday of May).

So, please let me know what sort of response you get from your players for Apr/2nd or Apr/9th, and we'll make plans accordingly.

Hope to see y'all soon.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Debutantes Winking Frog evidencing their 2nd place finish in their "first-ever" entry in the Vets League.

Picture 2 — Finalists, Winking Frog and Vikings, taking the opportunity for a friendly photo after the Grand Final.

Picture 3 — Victorious Vikings caught in front of the camera right before the awards ceremony. [picture courtesy of Vikings website]

Picture 4 — Niclas is ecstatic receiving Vikings's "first-ever" but long-sought-after Vets championship trophy.

Author: Malcolm
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 05/Mar/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

The March Veterans tournament sponsored by the Bangkok Hospital, took place at the Harrow International school near Don Muang airport.

Taking part for Sunbelt were:
    • Gonzague (Singa-traz) - goalkeeper
    • Adrian (Aole) - defence
    • Khun Air - defence
    • Thai Baraja - defence
    • Lek - midfield
    • Phil (British Club) - midfield
    • Malcolm (Spit the Dog) - midfield
    • Preben (Firefan) - midfield
    • Balo - striker

The first stage of the tournament was a mini-league. The teams involved were:
    • Sunbelt
    • British Club
    • Winking Frog
    • Scandanavian Vikings
    • Bangkok United Japan
    • Harrow International School

On arriving at Harrow, it was clear to see that this competition was going to be a lot more competative than last month's tournament. For the second day running, Sunbelt's defence had the pleasure of dealing with The Vikings, shaven headed, Anders Kargo Schmidt. Also participating were a strong contingent from The Winking Frog, who were containing several first team regulars.

The mini-league was a played with each team randomly playing 3 teams out of a possible 5 opponents. Luckilly for Sunbelt, we managed to avoid plying The Scans or the Winking Frog in the round robin fixtures.

The first game saw us draw 0-0 with Harrow International School. In our next game, another stalemate followed as we were held to a 0-0 draw by the British Club. In our final group game, we won 1-0 aginst The Japs, courtesy of a goal from Thai Baraja.

The final league placings after the Group Stage were:
    • Scandinavian Vikings 9
    • Viking Frog 7
    • Sunbelt 5
    • British Club 2
    • Harrow International School 1
    • Bangkok United Japan 0

The 5th and 6th place between Harrow International School and Bangkok United Japan ended with a 3-0 victory for the local Harrow boys.

Next up were the two SFs between:
    • Scandanavian Vikings -vs- British Club
    • Winking Frog -vs- Sunbelt United

The Winking Frogs generosity of feeding Anders Schmidt beer nearly paid off as The Scans and The British Club played out a 0-0 draw. Time for the dreaded penalties. The Scandanavians were to emerge 3-2 winners.

The next SF had Sunbelt United taking on The Winking Frog, who were managed by the best dressed manager at the tournament (Tytus, take note)  

Before anybody could take their seat, Sunbelt took the lead after about 10 seconds, when a David Beckham like cross from myself was knocked into his own net by fellow Scottish countryman, Steve of The Winking Frog. Cheers Steve.  

For the remainder of the match, The Winking Frog dominated proceedings and the only surprise was that the game only finished 1-1. The Frogs levelling with a goal from tee-total scouser Chris.

This meant that it was time for more penalties.

First up was Chris from The Winging Frog. With the whole of the net to aim for he somehow scored by finding the only bit of space betwen Gonzague the Almighty's legs. Barajas penalty was then saved by the Frogs keeper and when the Frogs converted their second attempt, it looked all over for Sunbelt. Up steped Balo to score after the ball bounced up and down between the bar and the line until it eventually decided to land in the back of the net.

Next up was The Frog's reliable defender Tommy and he made sure that The Frogs booked their place in the Grand Final.

Sunbelt were out! More dissapointment was to follow when we realized that there was no beer in the cooler for us to drink. Eventually more beer was purchased and it was closely guarded by value for money men, Preben and Adrian.

The Grand Final probaly saw the most ever competative game in Veterans Cup history when the two fancied teams eventually clashed. The Frogs took an early lead, through Chris again, but the Scans clawed back when Anders Schmidt realized that passing to fellow teamates wasn't producing any results. His next solo attempt brought the score level and that was to be the final score.

More drama was what the public wanted and after regulation penalties the score was tied at 3-3. It was now sudden-death and unfortunately Steve from the Frog's penalty was spectaculary tipped on to the post by now goalkeeper Schmidt. The end result was a 4-3 victory to the Vikings on penalties. It was now time for the Scans to celebrate their "first-ever" Veterans Cup victory.

Overall, every team appeared to enjoy themselves. Every game was played in good spirits with plenty of banter from the sidelines.
Unfortunaly, due to Mr Taksins desire to prove his popularity to the Thai public, it looks like next month's competition won't take place as it clashes with Mr T's election day.

Author: Tytus
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 05/Mar/2006
Source: Discussion at Sunbelt Thaivisa website

Nice Veteran Tournement today... Well done to everyone who was involved in this competition...But I'm surprised that the we ran out of beers just before the Grand Final ended ....

But all credit to E.G. for having a back up plans and finally the cool box was refilled by beers again

Jockstar, I can say that he was well dressed for today's Veteran tournement as the winking Frogs organizer  

The Match between The Frogs and The Viking was really entertaining... and for Sunbelt We scored the fastest ever Goal in the History of Bangkok Vets tournement .... 10 Secs after the kick of was blown!!! WOW

Author: Niclas
Team: Scandinavian Vikings
Date: 13/Mar/2006
Source: Write-up at Vikings's website
Title: New Veterans team - Kicks A..

Tournament: Bangkok Hospital Veterans Tournament #2
Date: March 5, 2006
Venue: Harrow International School

Winners: Vikings
Goal scorers: Anders 3, Harold 2, Niclas
Assists: Anders 2, Niclas, Phil M, Keld

It was another hot Sunday afternoon out at Harrow International School for our newly formed veteran team. 5 attempts on the trophy had resulted only in a runner up, and few 3rd spot positions so far. Was this THE day to change all this!?

This was a 7-a-side tournament we only brought 10 players to the venue. With myself and Tim, with together over 20 years playing for the Vikings, we did not scare many of the opponents. Fortunately we had some new fresh flesh joining and as Anders and Keld, the two playing coaches for our A team, signed up we, got the extra power needed to target the tournament victory. The whole team fought to the bitter end and the result came accordingly.

Group Stage:
    • Vikings -vs- British Club: 1-0 [Niclas (Anders)]
    • Vikings -vs- BU Japan: 2-0 [Anders, Harold (Anders)]
    • Vikings -vs- Harrow Teachers: 2-0 [Anders (Phil), Harold (Niclas)]

Semi Final:
    • Vikings -vs- British Club: 0-0, 3-2 after penalties [Anders, Harold, Keld]

British Club stood up much better in this game and did efficiently eliminating our top scorer from the game. It took until end of the game before we had adjusted to their game. Then it was too late.

    • Vikings -vs- Winking Frog: 1-1 [Anders (Keld)], 4-3 after penalties [Anders, Harold, Keld, Phil]

Lessons learned form the British Club game. Being down 1 goal early in the game we never gave up. After the equalizer, were all over the Frogs, creating dozens of very good scoring opportunities, which we were unfortunate not to convert. Nevertheless, a well deserved victory trough penalty-shootout, almost made up for it. Viking Vets had done it again!

From: Mori
Team: BU Japan
Date: 20/Mar/2006

Hi EG San,

Thank you for remind us of great fun time.

We'd prefer 2nd April for the next Veterans game. If so I'm sure that we can make a complete one Japanese team. On another day, we will have Casual League.

Thanks and best regards,
Bangkok United Japan

From: Niclas
Team: Scandinavian Vikings
Date: 21/Mar/2006

Hi EG,

April 2 is as good as any date I presume. However, to keep it at the first Sunday of every month make sense.



Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





05/Mar/2006 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Vikings 9 (1st) Champ!
 • Winking Frog 7 (2nd) 2nd
 • Sunbelt 5 (3rd) 3rd
 • British Club 2 (4th) 4th
 • Harrow 1 (5th) 5th
 • BU Japan 0 (6th) BadCup!
Note: "(3rd)" means finished 3rd after the Groups