Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2, Month #4
07/May/2006 • Patana School

Vikings achieve first-ever three-peat in May/2006 Vets League

Date: 21/May/2006
Many thanks to all those who showed up at the 4th competition of our 2nd season of Bangkok Vets League on May/7th. It was another record equalling 6 teams meet-up, with a great day of action-filled football, and plenty of laughs in between. After talking about it for so long, it was the "first-ever" time we held it Patana School. Although it costs higher than Harrow, nevertheless, it's an immaculate venue.

The 6 brave teams to take the field were:
    • British Club
    • LeCoq French
    • Scandinavian Vikings
    • BU Japan
    • German
    • Winking Frog

After a rather long communication period, we were happy to see the LeCoq French finally making themselves part of our grassroots Vets effort.

The 6-team fixture proved an enjoyable Group Stage, having each team play 3 other team, and getting a feel of the opposing competition. It was obvious that the 2-time champions Vikings were still a force to reckon with, having the likes of Anders and Mauro (of Cosmos) on their ranks. In addition, the Winking Frog were determined not to repeat their "2nd to last" feat from April. On their first outing, the LeCoq French seemed to have brought only half of their attacking flavour, and the British Club were heavily localized once again (plus a touch of a late-booming U-19 star in Craig!). Of course, our good friends from the Land of the Rising Sun put up all they had to not 3-peat their BadCup! showings of the last 2 tournaments. Added to them were the Germans who were in need of a spark that never ignited .!!

Interesting scores from the Group Stage were Frog -vs- Frog, that ended up (Winking) Frogs beating the (LeCoq) Frogs. British Club's 5-1 textbook match against BU Japan, Vikings taking care of Derek's Froggies handily, British Club's formidable draw against the defending champion Vikings, and an exciting 4-goal draw between BU Japan and the Germans — finally, both teams had a sigh of relief after so many months, discovering they can score goals . . . . . when the goals are full-size.

End of Group Stage brought us to the 5th place game pitting the Germans against BU Japan, which was to display another 17 min of action-packed game with a last minute draw from BU Japan, who in the end squandered way to many shoot-out penalties getting kicked over to the tennis courts at Patana that the Germans just couldn't hand the 5th spot over to them any more. That meant, undoubtedly, BU Japan raised the BadCup! for the 3rd time in-a-row — a new record of our 2-year competition.

Semi Finals saw 2 exciting games, both of which ended up lopsided. Vikings taking care of the LeCoq French early in the game, and the Winking Frog carrying the game in the end despite an early resistance from the British Club. And in return, the British Club, had to welcome the LeCoq French to their first Vets tournament, by beating them in an easy 3-0 victory.

Which brings me to the Grand Final. This was a repeat of the March Grand Final which to-date is the best Grand Final of all tournaments. This month's Grand Final promised much the same, however, couldn't live upto its promise. 'Cause Vikings came out too strong, and allowed no scoring chances to the Winking Frog, while scoring 3 good goals at the other end, couple of which, again, was from Anders, no less.

In the end, Vikings won their record-breaking 3rd-in-a-row, with 14 skillfully taken goals, 11 of which (I'm told) were from Anders. So, this should be hint to all the teams on who to mark up for future competitions ..!! ;-)

I especially enjoyed seeing many of you stay back for the trophy presentation and totally draining the tasty German beer.

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>  

One last note, our good friend Derek who brings all those finger-licking snacks every time wanted me to inform you that it's his 24th! birthday on Jun/3rd (Sat.), and would like to invite you for some free food and live music on the same night from 8pm on. For more info, contact him on 06-012-0447. Enjoy.!

Once again, thanks to everyone. Hopefully see you on Month-5 in June.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Captain Niclas joyfully lifting Vikings's 3rd-in-a-row Champ! trophy this month. [picture courtesy of Vikings website]

From: Derek
Team: Winking Frog
Date: 09/May/2006


thanks for another great tournament on sunday.

just to let you know that it is my birthday on the 3rd june saturday night.

there will be food laid on and music from 9pm.

can you pass on to the other teams everyone is welcome


From: Dominique
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 22/May/2006

Dear Eralp,

Thanks for including us in your list of teams (the French are in high demand ! )

We are taking part in the BCCT Masters tournament on 27 / 28 May, and many players might want to be off on the following Sunday.

I wonder if other teams are playing in this BCCT tournament, in which case I suggest to postpone the June Vets League monthly competition to the second week-end to also give us the chance to play at Pattana (we really enjoyed their pitch).

It is only a suggestion; of course we will field a team if it is on the
first week end.


From: Derek
Team: Winking Frog
Date: 22/May/2006

To all Vets teams,

We at the winking frog will put in a team for the vets on the 4th june but i don't think we can get a team for the week after due to the world cup ENGLAND play on the 10th, so we will be celebrating another win

I think we should keep the same date every month then it will be in everybody's minds. Pattana or Harrow, I think nobody cares it is a good day out.

Let me no how many teams and i will supply the usual snacks.


From: Mori
Team: BU Japan
Date: 24/May/2006

Hi EG San,

I'm sorry for the behind reply. We, Bangkok United Japan are pleased to join the game on either June 4th or alternative date.

Thanks and best regards,

From: Eralp
Team: Organizer
Date: 24/May/2006

Dear Vets,

There were some good suggestions, like:
    - delay June competition 1 week
    - talk to Chris at Casuals league and move to Saturdays
    - firmly fix dates in advance (sometimes on Saturdays, and sometimes on Sundays)
    - etc.

Over the last year-and-a-half, what I've found out is that it hasn't been easy to fix solid schedules, 'cause availability of players in the teams are not certain, and sometimes arranging it on a Saturday and a Sunday of the same weekend means different squad can make it. It's too much juggling for each team's organizers to find which one of their players are available on which day of the weekend. And, usually, the exact number of participating teams have been clear only 3-4 days before each month competition.

Experience tells me, to make it easy for everyone, we should stick with what we have been doing ==> 1st Sunday of every month (or maybe 1st Saturday, that's debatable), and only allow changes (from Sunday to Saturday, or vice versa) on those special occasions.

Therefore, in order not to disturb our rhythm, I think it's best to continue with our fixed schedule "1st Sunday of every month". So, let's go with Jun/4th, most likely at Harrow (while I chase to find whether Patana will be available).

Please write-me back QUICKLY whether you'll bring a team to the Jun/4th competition.

On a side note, with these small number of teams getting together once every month, I also think we can consider getting a social/networking aspect of it started as well. I mean, perhaps go out for some drinks and fun after each/some events (e.g., Derek's place could be a springboard!), which would be possible if we hold it on Saturdays (as opposed to Sundays!). Hey, the World Cup is right around the corner..!!

Ok, anyway, something to consider as we go forward. Thanks for the support, and please write back quickly with your team's availability for Jun/4th.

Thanks & regards,

From: Derek
Team: Winking Frog
Date: 24/May/2006


the winkingfrog will be there to take the winning cup from the Vikings.



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07/May/2006 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Vikings 9 (1st) Champ!
 • Winking Frog 8 (2nd) 2nd
 • British Club 6 (3rd) 3rd
 • LeCoq 4 (4th) 4th
 • Germans 1 (5th) 5th
 • BU Japan 1 (6th) BadCup!
Note: "(3rd)" means finished 3rd after the Groups