Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2, Month #8
17/Sep/2006 • Patana School

Cosmos returns to the Vets, and handily sweeps Sep/2006 Vets League

Date: 25/Sep/2006
Once again, many thanks to all those who participated in the 8th monthly competition of our 2nd season of Bangkok Veterans League on Sunday Sep/17th. It was a huge turn-out again of fast aging Over-35 lads with the following 7 teams:
    • British Club
    • Bangkok Cosmos
    • LeCoq French
    • Harrow Teachers
    • Scandinavian Vikings
    • BU Japan
    • Germans

Again, Patana School's grounds are truly immaculate, and although a bit more costlier, the new setup with 2 parallel pitches gave us the opportunity to play more matches more frequently (from the look of Anders face after couple of games, not entirely sure if this was a good idea ;-)

The July Champ! shooting-stars "Cosmos" were back in the thick of the action, as was last month's co-champions, Anglo-Franco Alliance, in their separate camps after having mustered enough players on their own sides. Harrow Teachers were back from the summer holidays, and ready to flunk anyone who challenged their authority, so were the Vikings who were neatly robbed of their championship in August. BU Japan were determined not to lift the BadCup! for the 7th consecutive time, and the Germans were in it simply for the beer and the kicks.

Yes, we opted to rent the entire Pitch-3 on Sunday, and split it to 2 equal size fields, which allowed us to start a bit late, and yet play more games per team in the end. However, this did not detract from intensity of the group games, which made the double-headers doubly interesting. For example, at one point, while Harrow were holding the strong Vikings to a 2-2 draw, most eyes were locked at BU Japan -vs- British Club game, in which the samurai whisked away the win with an incredible 3-0 whipping of the British Club, at which point in time British Club's 2 earlier wins against the Germans and the LeCoq French seemed insignificant.

Then there was the 6-1 eye-opener win of the LeCoq French over the Germans, which gave the other teams notice on the strength of the LeCoq. BU Japan were struggling, but were determined at all costs to not finish bottom of the group table, where they fought hard and took another point from the LeCoq French. Vikings seemed never warmed up to the competition, but still made a few brilliant attacks off-&-on to secure a Semi Final spot. And, the Germans, with their most goal-scoring tournament under their belts, were happy to land on the bottom spot with no wins what-so-ever. Of course, nothing much to say about the Cosmos, which took care of each and every opposition methodically, and won all their games uncontested.

So, with the Group Stage games over, we went on with the play-off game, which we instituted "first-ever" time in this tournament. The group 6th and 7th BU Japan and the Germans were to battle it out for the BadCup!. After some amazing twists-&-turns, the Germans grabbed the BadCup! handily, and a big sigh of relief for BU Japan, which meant, now they could aim for the 5th spot in the tournament. This time the opposition were Harrow Teachers, who wondered for a long while after the group games, how can they finish 5th following such a congenial fixture playing against the LeCoq French, Vikings and Cosmos. However, just like in the group games, BU Japan couldn't muster enough charm to convince the Teachers, but were still happy with their "non-last" 6th spot, and their "first-ever" Cycling Trophy..!!

For the SFs, the Vikings found themselves in the unenviable position of playing against the Cosmos, the score of the game which none of the Vikings could possibly remember. So, after checking with the referees, I marked it as a 6-0 thrashing in favour of the Cosmos. And, in the other Semi Final, another intense battle was brewing between the last month's co-champions Anglo-Franco Alliance. This time around, the LeCoq French would ensure they converted all their crucial attacks into goals, a 4-1 sweet revenge of the tough-loss group game earlier against the British Club.

The 3rd place game, was no game at all, as both the Vikings and the British Club had enough football under their skin for a day, and they agreed to do it as a penalty-shootout. And, the British Club being the usual Brits, they generously handed over the 3rd place over to the Vikings, losing 4-2 uncerominously (statistics say a 6th-in-a-row loss for them in the penalties over the last year-and-a-half.!).

So, the scene was set for the LeCoq to prove themselves as the newly emerging dominant force in the Vets. However, the opposition being the Cosmos this was easier said than done. They tried & tried, with all their might to break the Cosmos defence to at least get on the board once, but Cosmos had different ideas pounding in the goals on the other end. A 4-0 victory, and a wonderful win for the rather in-shape boys from Cosmos.

The way things are looking it will be quite difficult for any one team to take on the Cosmos for a few months coming. This was their second (non-consecutive) entry in the Vets and a second run-away victory, an 100% percent record so far.

Congratulations to the Cosmos and to all the participating teams & players, and hope to see everyone next month with the same spirit and dedication to the game.

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>  

Also huge thanks to Bruce for helping out with the logistics on the beer and ice. Everyone had plenty of good time, and it was good to see friends after skipping our regular schedule a couple weeks. Looking for Derek and the Winking Frog to join the mle next month to claim their most sought after championship trophy.

See you in October.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Germans get the day started against the Vikings.

Picture 2 — A wide-shot of the great venue at Patana School.

Picture 3 — Germans in their new strips.

Picture 4 — We even witnessed a double-rainbow (Can you see it? It really is not doctored up!).

Picture 5 — Dominique is joyous with LeCoq's 2nd place trophy.

Picture 6 — Enjoying the beer after a long day's runaround, while Oliver is accounting for the footballs.

From: Chris
Team: British Club
Date: 25/Sep/2006


The British Club intends to maintain the mantle of ever presents again this month.

Thx and best wishes,


From: Mori
Team: BU Japan
Date: 25/Sep/2006

Dear EG San,

Many thanks for your fine report as usual.

Yes, we will be there on Oct/8th.

Kind regards,
Bangkok United Japan

From: Dominique
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 27/Sep/2006

Bonjour Eralp,

Again, thank you for the superb organization. The French Coqs are in for the Oct/8th; the Cosmos is too limited for us, we will go for the next space frontier, above Cosmos !


From: Mauro
Team: Bangkok Cosmos
Date: 27/Sep/2006

Yes, I agree the 4-nil Grand Final win last time wasn't really convincing... So hang on to your dreams, young man.



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17/Sep/2006 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Cosmos 14 (1st) Champ!
 • LeCoq 6 (3rd) 2nd
 • Vikings 6 (4th) 3rd
 • British Club 7 (2nd) 4th
 • Harrow 5 (5th) 5th
 • BU Japan 5 (6th) Cycling Trophy!
 • Germans 0 (7th) BadCup!
Note: "(3rd)" means finished 3rd after the Groups