Bangkok Veterans League
Season #2, Month #11
— Season-ending Tournament —
10/Dec/2006 • Harrow School

Cosmos Vets are runaway winners again in Dec/2006 Vets League

Date: 25/Dec/2006
Sincere thanks for a wonderful 16-team "festival of football" during Vets League season-ending tournament on Dec/10th. We have passed another remarkable landmark by putting on a huge show with an amazing 4 teams x 4 groups format on 4 separate pitches at Harrow School. I am still thinking, and honestly having flashbacks on how smooth the 56-game event happened with a few minor glitches. I suppose thanks to all of you for your patience and desire to have a good kick-around among friends.

The teams that were aiming for the coveted season-end trophy were:
    • British Club <== defending champions
    • Scandinavian Vikings
    • LeCoq French
    • Winking Frog
    • BSL Veterans <== a new squad
    • Shrewsbury Teachers <== another new squad
    • Bangkok Cosmos
    • LesGaulois French <== yes, a 2nd French team!
    • Pickled Liver
    • BU Japan
    • Germans
    • Harrow Teachers
    • Anatolian Turks <== yet another new squad
    • Yingcharoen Standbys
    • Irish Xchange <== yet another new squad..!!!
    • Sunbelt United

In addition to all of our regular teams finding time to participate, we had 5 new squads finally making their way into the Vets after 2 years of pitching the idea to them, where some of them have heard of the Vets League only last month. It was clear that with 16 teams, the smooth running of the organization was going to be the key success factor in all.

And, of course, wha'da'ya know — we start exactly 1 hour late..! All that planning and preparation down the drain..!! However, we had enough bottles of beer sprinkled around to keep the tongues quenched, and there weren't much complaints on the new game we managed to invent towards the end of the day, called "Sunset 7s". More on that later.

We randomly split the 16 teams in their own 4 groups of 4 teams. We also told everyone that the Group Stage was just a ploy to get the teams warmed up for the knockout rounds, 'cause regardless of whether they ended up first or last in the group, all teams were to be entered into the next round of Sweet Sixteen. All they had to do was to pace themselves through the 3 group games. Well . . . some teams didn't get the message, and were out of gas in the later stages of the 7-games-per-team tournament. Also, much to the delight of both teams, LeCoq were not drawn in the same group with LesGaulois — a mystery that will keep us wondering as to which one of these 2 great French teams is greater...!!

Honestly, I didn't get the see each and every one of the 56 games, but in the Group Stage, there were some interesting matchups and results. First, there were the "Steamrollers" — teams like Vikings, LesGaulois and Cosmos who took no prisoners, and won their groups hands down. Then, there were the "Pacers", like Winking Frog, Pickled Liver, BU Japan, Yingcharoen, Shrewsbury, Harrow, who took the group games at their own stride and finished a respectable 2nd or 3rd in their groups. And then, there were the "Zero Summers", like LeCoq, British Club and Germans, who really enjoyed the lighter side of the game through-&-through.

Some notable scores from the Group Stage were 3-1 win of Vikings over BSL (and Anders's opening hat-trick), 4-0 textbook victories of LesGaulois over British Club and of Cosmos over Harrow — and all that in a little 13 min game..!! I might also want to include the remarkable 0-0 draw between BU Japan and the Vikings, and the "the early final" 2-0 win of (Winking) Frog over (LeCoq) Frog, which for the "first-ever" time saw 2 yellow-cards dished out in 1 game for ungentlemanly conduct (i.e., a mild slide-tackle and a deliberate handball). Kudos to the Referee..!!!!

Another "first-ever" we've had in the Vets League is the 2 group-toppers from Group-B — Winking Frog and Pickled Liver, were both at level terms with 7 points . . . and the head-to-head game . . . and the goals scored . . . and the goals average. So, instead of leaving it to the magic of a coin-toss, both Captains opted for a sudden-death penalty-shootout to determine the winner of the group. And, after a couple of nice shots, Pickled Liver missed theirs, handing the Winking Frog the group top spot (read more about it below in Scotty's write-up).

Once the Group Stage games were concluded, next was the round of Sweet Sixteen, pitting one group's toppers against another group's bottom-enders. This was the round that everyone was looking forward to, hoping to see some interesting matchups.

One of those matchups were the sleepy game between mighty LesGaulois and the very grounded Germans. In a game (that I didn't watch) which reportedly saw a one-way "blitzkrieg" onto the Germans goal, ended up with an efficient "1-attack-1-goal" victory in favour of the Germans, well-&-truly astonishing the LesGaulois when the final whistle went off soon after. I was actually by the announcers desk when I heard a huge roar of cheer from the watching crowd, wondering what was the commotion about, only to find out when I learned the score that we had a "Giant Slayer" in our midst. So, it wasn't meant to be for the strong debutantes LesGaulois French to capture the Vets Top Trophy on their "first-ever" entry in the tournament. Other group-toppers — Vikings, Winking Frog and Cosmos, were easy winners over the weaker competition — LeCoq, BSL and British Club from other groups.

Another surprise result in the Round of Sixteen was to see the much-improved but substitute-less Pickled Liver going down on penalties to Irish Xchange. Then, we saw the high-tempo game between BU Japan and the Anatolian Turks, reminiscent of the 2002 World Cup SF match, which ended 2-0 in favour of the Turks, just like it was in the World Cup.!

However, the day was just beginning, for both the winners and the losers of round of Sweet Sixteen were to keep on playing in their separate brackets until each team's exact position among the 16-team field was conclusively determined.

So, things were hotting up in the QF round. The Irish Xchange who skimmed by throughout the Group Stage and the Sweet Sixteens, found their lucky break once again, matching with the giant-slayer Germans, which they won handily eventually. Another Top Trophy contender, Vikings, had to say goodbye to the championship, falling victim to Yingcharoen Standbys in the penalty-shootout. Also, Winking Frog and Cosmos made handy work of their QF games against Shrewsbury and Anatolian Turks respectively.

Apart from the measly 5 min of football I was able play throughout the day, my task as the organizer was getting even tougher with the rapid disappearance of the sunlight. With a 1 hour delayed start, it was an uphill battle to keep the schedule, even if we reduced the game-time to only 10 min of play.

At the SF round, one leg of the round was 2 group 3rd placers Yingcharoen Standbys -vs- Irish Xchange, and on the other leg, luck would have it, 2 group-toppers Winking Frog -vs- Cosmos. On the 1st leg Irish Xchange once again skimming by through some nicely taken penalties, and on the 2nd leg Cosmos not leaving it to chance and beating a determined Winking Frog side 1-0 on a very entertaining end-to-end game. It was also good to see Derek and Kenny patching things up like 2 gentlemen should.

And, on the losers bracket side, LesGaulois were handily taking care of teams (once relegated to the 2nd Half of the draw!), and the always hard-working BU Japan were meticulously working hard not to lift the "BadCup!".

Once we arrived to the Final Round, the tournament administration had already put in a hefty purchase order for flash-lights for around 150 people, and the players and spectators lit up the midnight sky with a spectacular light show, illuminating the night for the Grand Final between Cosmos and Irish Xchange. Right about the same time, people started asking themselves, "Cosmos and who..??". Yes, another one of our last minute debutantes teams, the Irish Xchange, against all odds, thanks to Kevin's magical managerial skills, managed to squeak through any crack in the field, pulling out any sort of wizardry from their bag of tricks, and scoring only 2 goals in the entire day (1 in the group game win against BSL, and 1 in the QF round win against the Germans) were going to take on the mighty Cosmos in the 2006 season-ending Grand Final of our Vets League 2nd year.

Admittedly, it was certainly a David -vs- Goliath matchup, and after testing the opposition for quite a while, the Goliath Cosmos had little mercy, and ran to a convincing 3-0 victory in no time at all.

The other positional matchups also took place during the same time of the Grand Final, some of them actually playing the games using light-emitting uniforms, some of them preferring to take penalties (poor goalkeepers!), and some of them simply tossing the beer bottles to determine the winner based on whether it landed on heads or tails.

At the bottom-end, the fight for the BadCup! brought last month's champions British Club against this month's promising and almost-group-topper Pickled Liver face-to-face. It turned out British Club's rough day ended on a high note with a 3-0 victory, and left Pickled Liver wondering how could such successful Group Stage turn into such a "BadCup!" performance only on their 2nd outing at the Vets. Some might argue that they had it on full-throttle during the Group Stage games (but Scotty might differ)..!

Nevertheless, congratulations to Cosmos for a great tournament and a great season, as well to Irish Xchange for thoroughly enjoying the day and their success. Despite the fact that British Club couldn't muster enough players to defend their Nov/2006 championship, as was expressed by many of the players I talked to during the day, the most deserving team — Cosmos — carried the day uncontested all the way to the championship. Cosmos now has the best record in the short 2 year history of the Vets League, winning it in all 4 (though non-consecutive) times they entered in this 2006 season, without losing any game at all so far (read more about it in Pedro's write-up below and more stats in the "Champions" page).

I believe, except for the delay in the start-time, everything else went according to the plan, and there were plenty of happy faces on the pitches of Harrow School.

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>  

My thanks go to each & every team and each & every player for taking the "Vets" idea to heart and for keeping the spirit throughout the day. I remember the times 2 years ago when we struggled to get even 4 teams every 2 months, now transformed into a double-digit teams extravaganza each month, and growing steadily. This is a good indication that the Vets is soon to become (or perhaps has already become!) a permanent fixture in Bangkok's footballing scene — we have each team to thank for that.

Despite the (minor) 2 yellow-cards this month, I also want to thank each player for keeping the game fair and enjoyable. As I repeatedly remind, a fun & friendly get-together every month is main idea of the Vets, something we want everyone — players, spectators, supporters — to enjoy fully, and make it a family day of fun.

We also have Gonzague from Sunbelt, Sirichai from Yingcharoen, Bruce from the Germans, Derek from the Winking Frog to thank in getting the show ready for us all by buying & bringing water, drinks, beers, snacks, etc. And, appreciating the magnitude of effort that goes in to make it a success every month, I've had numerous other offers of help from some of you since last Sunday, which I thank for your generosity. Yes, I also believe we should be able to distribute the load among us who are interested in helping out.

Another big thanks go to the Harrow School and Kh. Somparn for putting up a nice setup for us and making it convenient for all to enjoy. With the way Patana School's bookings look, it's apparent that we'll be visiting Harrow School more often in 2007.

At the end of the day, thanks to the ever-beautiful Formula-1 Trophy Girls. We all enjoyed the 16-team trophy presentation ceremony this month, where many of you had some all-around good banter, especially not-so-quiet Anders from Vikings, who by the way, was worthy of the Top Scorer trophy for the December season-ending tournament as well as for the whole of 2006 season for his prolific goal scoring when he is on his day. I personally witnessed this during some month's competitions, being on the receiving end of some of his terrific goals — weather it's a high header or a skillful dribble or a long range shot or pure-&-simple fluke "butt hit" goal..!! Truly awesome..!

Last, and certainly not least, I would like to thank Dominique from LeCoq, plus few others, for spending the effort and getting some very nice gifts for me and the X'mas tree.! It's much cherished.

Feel free to e-mail to me any of your (good or bad!) comments to be placed at the bottom of this page. We hope to improve the tournament even further as time goes on.

Many thanks to all once again. My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and to all your families. Have a great festive season.

Hope to see y'all in the new season, kicking off on the first Sunday of Feb/2007.

Remember ==> If it's the first Sunday, it's the Vets day..!!

Kind regards to all,


Picture 1 — Showing off our new sponsor, adidas, logo.

Picture 2 — The Vikings welcoming the new squad BSL Veterans to the Vets League with a 3-1 lesson.

Picture 3 — Sunbelt initially struggled for numbers, then they had enough for an enjoyable run on the day.

Picture 4 — The always "HIV" positive "Harrow International Veterans" under the leadership of Khun Kruu Steve.

Picture 5 — The spirit of Christmas was palpable among the new joiners, Shrewsbury Teachers.

Picture 6 — For a "first-ever" time out at the Vets, the BSL Veterans were happy and content with their respectable 11th place run on the day.

Picture 7 — The ever-present British Club were short on numbers throughout the day, and the scores certainly showed, narrowly missing out on the BadCup!

Picture 8 — The eventual champions Cosmos never miss a photo-op.

Picture 9 — Derek and the Boys from the Winking Frog had a strong run on the day, grabbing the 3rd place overall.

Picture 10 — BU Japan in their new pinky kits (love 'em!!) ending up a strong 9th place overall are showing great improvement continuously. We can say they won the (then unofficial) "Shield Division" ..!!!

Picture 11 — The new joiners Anatolian Turks (in their puzzling Argentina kit) finishing 7th overall, and proved that they will be a strong top contenders in the coming months.

Picture 12 — LeCoq French, under the leadership of Dominique, were full of smiles throughout the day, and they won "their own final" — the 13th-14th place game.!!

Picture 13 — These Yingcharoen boys always attract some beautiful ladies every time, the reason of which noone clearly knows.!

Picture 14 — Pickled Liver were on the beers too early. The result was a BadCup! performance.!!

Picture 15 — Everyone is a Ronaldinho wannabe among the Anatolian Turks.

Picture 16 — The enthusiastic Yingcharoen Standbys are waiting for the opposition to show up.

Picture 17 — The Formula-1 Trophy Girls brighten up the day and the trophies.

Picture 18 — Anatolian Turks, Eralp and Yilmaz, are simply very congenial as ever.

Picture 19 — Yingcharoen and Irish Xchange testing each other at the first Semi Final of the day.

Picture 20 — And the first Semi Final goes to penalties, ending with a victory for the underdogs Irish Xchange.

Picture 21 — Yilmaz from the Anatolian Turks is pulling out his hair (virtually literally!) . . . how could he miss that shot?

Picture 22 — On Pitch-4, removed from the rest of the world, Sunbelt was hard at work giving the underpowered defending champions British Club a lesson in teamwork.

Picture 23 — Cosmos and Irish Xchange celebrating the day after their entertaining, but lopsided, 3-0 Grand Final.

Picture 24 — Plenty of silverware, for each team, raring to go!

Picture 25 — Kicking off the trophy presentations.

Picture 26 — Eralp the Organizer picking up quickly-disappeared Pickled Liver's BadCup! Rest assured, it was duly delivered to the Pickled Liver pub by the party-loving Vikings later on the same night.

Picture 27 — British Club's masterful coordinator, Martin, happy for narrowly escaping the BadCup!, and picking up their 15th place trophy (and more!).

Picture 28 — Martin presents British Club's souvenir club flag to Eralp the Organizer.

Picture 29 — Sunbelt's Gonzague looking satisfied with their 14th place performance.

Picture 30 — Having won their 13th place "Grand Final", Dominique from the LeCoq French is always a champion at heart.

Picture 31 — Khun Kruu Steve holding Harrow Teachers's 12th place trophy (in his right hand!).

Picture 32 — A photogenic Roland and the BSL Veterans were totally content for holding onto their 11th place finish on the day.

Picture 33 — Arnaud from LesGaulois French is only barely cracking a smile while picking up their 10th place trophy.

Picture 34 — A very happy Ayako San (closely flanked by "close friends") from BU Japan bring home the 9th place trophy.

Picture 35 — The ever regal looking Bruce from the Germans takes their 8th place trophy.

Picture 36 — Anatolian Turks's Dagestani-Russian Captain, Esker, the most "Vet" on the day at his young 54, trying his best to shun the spotlight while picking up their respectable 7th place trophy.

Picture 37 — Not-so-shy Anders from the Vikings well-&-truly in the spotlight, picking up their 5th place trophy.

Picture 38 — Yes, more of Anders...!

Picture 39 — Sirichai firmly (only) holding Yingcharoen Standbys's 4th place trophy.

Picture 40 — Eric from the Irish Xchange had his hands full "grabbing" their 2nd place trophy.

Picture 41 — Anders was back on the stage again, this time picking up his Top Scorer trophy.

Picture 42 — Yes, even more of Anders...!.

Picture 43 — And, the deserving Cosmos lifting their 2006 Vets League season-ending tournament championship trophy.

Picture 44 — Eralp the Organizer accepts a thoughtful gift presented by the Formula-1 Trophy Girls on behalf of all the teams.

    • Summary at 

Author: Frank
Team: Scandinavian Vikings
Date: 11/Dec/2006
Source: Write-up at ScandAsia' website
Title: Viking Vets Bangkok Champions

In spite of ending only fifth in the last tournament of the season, the Scandinavian Vikings veterans team became unofficial champions of the Veterans Soccer League.

For a lot of the Viking players the weekend of December 9th and 10th meant two days of football. After Saturdays defeat to the Winking Frog in the Casual League, it was time for the "old guys", i.e., those who think of the age of 35 as something belonging to the past, to show how good they actually are at playing soccer.

On Sunday the 10th of December it was time for the last tournament in the Bangkok Veterans League on the pitch at Harrow International School. And the Vikings started off great.

Vikings were in group with BU Japan team Bangkok United, BSL and the Irish X-change. The match against BU Japan remained goalless, BSL was beaten 3-1 and the Irish X-change suffered a 1-0 defeat. All Viking goals by Anders "Fisker" Schmidt.

One draw and two wins made the Vikings group winners. In the first knockout game, Vikings faced French team LesGaulois [Webmaster's correction: LeCoq French], who were beaten 1-0 on yet another Anders "Fisker" Schmidt goal.

In the Quarter Final, Vikings faced a Yingcharoen team and things started off well for the Vikings, when they got one goal up, but the Vikings could not keep Yingcharoen from equalizing. 1-1 at full time meant penalty-shootout and that was fatal for the Vikings. Both Viking coaches Keld Bak and Anders "Fisker" Schmidt missed their penalties and Yingcharoen did not hesitate to take advantage of that.

Yingcharoen won the penalty-shootout and went on to the SFs. For the Vikings only one game remained — a game against Germans to decide who should end fifth and sixth in the tournament.

American Tim "Tuna" Real scored twice and secured the fifth place for the Vikings, but head coach Keld Bak is not pleased.

"We really should have made it to the Grand Final. We did not deserve to lose to the Thais," the disappointed midfielder says. However, one thing pleased the Dane.

"This was the tenth and last Veterans tournament of the year. We have won four of them making us unofficial Bangkok Champions," Keld Bak explains on his way to meet the rest of the Veterans player for a beer and a laugh.

From: Stephen
Team: BSL Veterans
Date: 11/Dec/2006


Many thanks for a very successful day. BSL Veterans thoroughly enjoyed our first outing and will certainly be back for more!!!

Please add both my name and Roland's onto the contacts.


From: Preben
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 11/Dec/2006

Hi EG!

Yeah, the vets is only getting better and better, so thanks for that!

Yes - monthly seems to be the way to go (for now) - games ("league" games) every 14 days would be COOL but I agree that would take a different kind of commitment. Pre-payment for the season/half season could however fix that. I think that could be a good idea.

Thanks again for all your efforts!


From: Derek
Team: Winking Frog
Date: 11/Dec/2006

Great day E.G., thanks from the Frog.

From: Stuart
Team: Pickled Liver
Date: 11/Dec/2006

Hi EG,

As a side point can I just point out a very FIRST and probably LAST in the tournament.

One player (Chris from Cosmos) played in goal for our team (the Pickled Liver) . . . . . So in ONE tournament, he managed to win the whole thing whilst at the same time come rock bottom with us. Doubt that has or ever will be achieved again. [and more stats in the "Champions" page]

Thanks for all your hard work in this. I am but a new bloke in all this having only played in about 4 tournaments but must say what a GREAT job you do. Running a football coaching company and a VET of many kids tournaments myself I know how hard these things can be, and so I now offer my help to you in any way you wish.

You seem to do everything on your own so if you want help in preparation or on the day, I would be more than happy to offer my services.

Let me know and thanks again.


From: Martin
Team: British Club
Date: 12/Dec/2006

Hi EG,

Sunday was great fun. It is a pity that we could not defend the trophy a little better but never mind, there is always next time.

Thanks for all your efforts during 2006 to make Vets football such a success and such fun. Just what us older guys need!

Cheers and very best seasons greetings to you and your family.

From: Scott
Team: Pickled Liver
Date: 12/Dec/2006

Hi Eralp,

It would take a sore loser to say that the format for Sunday's vets competition was unfair and conspired against us. So I will say it, "I'm a sore loser!! It wasn't fair!!"

Despite our glorious run of form in the initial Group Stage which left us dead level with the Winking Frog on points, goal difference and goals scored — and even beers drunk at that stage — we made the costly mistake of asking one of our American duo (the one who didn't understand the rules) to take the crucial penalty which started our rapid downfall!

Now, if the "yellow card" The Frog player had gained for 2 crude, reckless, violently wild hacks at my shins had been the deciding factor rather than the lottery of a penalty kick, then we would surely have maintained our unbeaten run all the way to the Grand Final and knocked Cosmos from top spot! There is no doubt in my mind at all . . . the great Pickled Liver were destined for glory on Super Sunday!

Anyway, having narrowly missed out on first place in the group we entertained the Irish Xchange, still confident of progression into the top half of the tournament. Oops! Penalties again and 2 missed penalties (myself included) sent us tumbling down into the bottom eight of the competition. Who would have thought the Irish Xchange would then go on and finish 2nd???

Without fear and still defending an unbeaten record in regular time, we proceeded to take on Daviid's LesGaulois, the slightly better of the 2 French teams. "Just don't let Daviid turn and we'll be ok," said our on-loan keeper Chris, who himself went onto glory with Cosmos. Well, Daviid turned and he scored, and they scored again. Dreams of a high finish were fast fading, a little bit like the light!

Our first victory has been against the supposedly weaker French team in the Group Stages. Our battered confidence, wayward finishing, lack of pace and the French team's thirst for alcohol and revenge was always going to be too much to take, and we lost again . . . how long the day now seemed. People were starting to wonder where the candles were.

From glory to complete and utter failure. Although most eyes were fixed on the Grand Final between Cosmos and the Irish Xchange, a few eyes that could still see in the dark were cast upon pitch number 3 (or was it 4???) where one assumed a battle royale would be fought between last month's winners "The British Club" and new kids on the block "The Pickled Liver" to avoid the embarrassment that is known as the "BadCup!". It could and should have been a closer affair but in the end a battling British Club swept the Pickled Liver aside in the darkness 3-0 (or it might even have been more!!) in just 10 minutes.

Nobody is really sure what happened out there, but it is fair to assume that the British Club's use of miners's lamps and torches unfairly assisted them in their victory.

Looking forward to next month's glorious failure.


From: Christopher
Team: Shrewsbury Teachers
Date: 13/Dec/2006

It was a great day, and we are all keen on doing it again.

Please let me know when the next one is.


From: Ozkan
Team: Anatolian Turks
Date: 13/Dec/2006

Wonderful pictures. To finish 7th among 16 teams is nice. We expect to continue the success.

Also thanks to Eralp for all of his work.

From: Pedro
Team: Bangkok Cosmos
Date: 13/Dec/2006

Hi EG,

First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of Bangkok Cosmos FC to have invited us in 2006 to participate in the monthly Bangkok Veterans competitions. After such a huge success for the Cosmos Vets in 2006 (4 victories in 4 participations) what can we say more! A 100% record, and as far as I recall we didn't loose one single game in all 4 tournaments we played. Last Sunday we not even conceded one goal during the regular playing time. This is really a great achievement for the Vets of the Bangkok Cosmos FC and "hats off" to all the players who have contributed to that fantastic result. Everyone in the team can truly be proud of this great achievement of the Cosmos FC. [and more stats in the "Champions" page]

But it was not only a great success from a football point of view; it was always also a very enjoyable and with lots of fun playing in the Vets tournaments. Of course, it's easy for us to say that since we were the whole year unbeaten, and our morale was at peak after each competition we won.

We liked the format and the number of teams of last Sunday's edition. Just a few comments from my side on certain points we noticed during the day. We definitely should start the tournament on time and we should make sure that more food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided during the day. Cosmos FC is willing to pay a little bit more for the entry fee to cover the additional expenses for food and drinks. I also liked the idea of a BBQ during and after the tournament, but you will have to inform all teams well in advance that this will be available and a professional BBQ catering service should be hired for this. The players then just pay what they consume directly to the BBQ catering company like it is usual in Europe for this kind of tournaments.

Last but not least, we would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to you and all the helping hands behind the scene to make this Bangkok Vets tournament event to be happening month after month. I know that you invest a lot of your spare time to get the ball running and have things sorted out every month in order to be ready on time for the tournament day. We really appreciate your efforts and dedication you put behind this.

We will be back in 2007, and we hope that in the next edition you will have again 16 teams, so that the tournament will be more attractive and be of greater challenge for us, and for you too.! We will, of course, try to surpass the 4-in-a-row record from the Vikings next year!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and All the Best for the New Year!

See you soon,
On behalf of the Bangkok Cosmos FC Vets team

From: Arnaud
Team: LesGaulois French
Date: 13/Dec/2006

Hi Eralp,

Belated thanks for the photo (Did I really have this look in my eyes when watching the 2 girls?), and most importantly for handling so brilliantly the sudden surge in Vet team numbers.

LesGaulois JVK (our official name) will definitely be back if invited. And this time there will be no mercy for the Germans, or any other team for that matter. We feel a bit like our "Junior" team, you know, the one that went to Korea 4 years ago, and was supposed to roll over all its opponents.

See what happened the next world cup around? But don't worry, there will be no head butting in the Grand Final!

Thanks again,

From: Kevin
Team: Irish Xchange
Date: 13/Dec/2006

Hi EG,

Thanks, everyone enjoyed the day. Hopefully you will get 16 teams every time now :)


From: Eric
Team: Irish Xchange
Date: 15/Dec/2006

thanks EG, it was great fun again...
Thanks for organizing this, it must be a nightmare...!
Love the picture with girls...!

From: Mori
Team: BU Japan
Date: 19/Dec/2006

Hello EG San,

Many thanks for sending photo and warm message to us.

Yes, we're really happy to show our improvement step by step. I think one reason why we're getting better is that I'm recovering form heart issue then can play as the same before, don't you think so?

We, at BU Japan highly appreciate your support us to have wonderful time of enjoying soccer every month.

Please enjoy upcoming wonderful Christmas holiday.

See you next year.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





10/Dec/2006 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Cosmos 10 (1D) Champ!
 • Irish Xchange 3 (3A) 2nd
 • Winking Frog 7 (1B) 3rd
 • Yingcharoen 3 (3C) 4th
 • Vikings 8 (1A) 5th
 • Shrewsbury 6 (2C) 6th
 • Anatolia 4 (3B) 7th
 • Germans 0 (4D) 8th
 • BU Japan 5 (2A) 9th
 • LesGaulois 10 (1C) 10th
 • BSL 1 (4A) 11th
 • Harrow 6 (2D) 12th
 • LeCoq 0 (4B) 13th
 • Sunbelt 3 (3D) 14th
 • British Club 0 (4C) 15th
 • Pickled Liver 7 (2B) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B.