Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Month #4
13/May/2007 • Harrow School

May/2007 Vets League called off due to last minute torrential rains

Date: 30/May/2007
Weeks of planning down the drain because of only a 20 min torrential rain..!!

Yes, gentlemen, we had our first rain cancellation in 3 seasons. What was going to be the biggest Vets day ever with 23 teams had another memorable ending nevertheless ..! Especially if you were one of those who were at Harrow early and was pleasantly greeted by incredibly cool weather, unforeseen soft surface, breathtaking lush grass — something we have always desired for years, but with one other detail — insidiously dark cloudy skies.

Regardless of the cloudy skies, we were envious to see the kids running the ball in Pickled Liver Stuart's Youngsters tournament. We couldn't wait get on the pitch.

Then, the cloudy skies got cloudier, the dark horizon got darker, and by the stroke of the midday noon, it started pouring in a way that would have made Noah jealous. As the crowd kept on rolling in and seeing the Harrow pitches turn to an outdoor pool, we still hoped against all hope that it might stop soon, and with the help of the sun, we might still do a 1pm kickoff.

Well . . . . . as you guessed, the rain didn't stop and the sun didn't come out. So, by the bottom of the hour, and no surprise to anyone (but to the dismay of everyone) the executive decision was made to call it off.

Apologies for dragging everyone out there. We need some sort of early warning defence system, along the lines of AWACS reconnaissance planes or anti-scud missile batteries. However, my resolution for the rest of the year is to start paying more frequent deeds to the rain deities.

Looking at the upside — the water and the drinks are all tucked away nicely, still have the trophies to be reused, a new order of fruits are waiting to be made — we should be mighty ready for Jun/10th Vets. Let me know if you want to reserve an early seat!

Special thanks to:
  • Sirichai for coordinating with Harrow School and other suppliers and the new teams,
  • Bruce for succeeding in convincing the Massage Ladies and transporting all of them over,
  • Kh. Bang and the entire referees team for making the trip out there
  • and, others who showed up early (and contemplated a great Vets day only to see it fade away), ready to pitch in a hand with the organization
In the end, for me, it was a nice-&-easy Sunday afternoon spent with the family, earning numerous bonus points with the "government" :)

And now, the attention turns to Vets Futsal as we talked about, maybe at least during the rainy season, hoping to put on our first show on Jun/30th at Rama-2 Futsal Park (map) during 10am-3pm. Let me know if you would like to bring a squad to the inaugural edition and become one of Vets Futsal's "Founding Fathers".

On the other hand, next Vets League day is confirmed for Jun/10th at Harrow School again. Please e-mail to say whether you will be there.

Hope to see y'all soon.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Kh. Bang and the Referees Team were ready for action.

Picture 2 — The Massage Ladies were ready for action.

Picture 3 — But, 20 min of torrential rain . . .

Picture 4 — . . . spoiled weeks of intricate planning.

Picture 5 — The crowd was in disbelief.

Picture 6 — Pickled Liver's Stuart was in defiance (of nature).

Picture 7 — The "wannabe" champs.

Picture 8 — And, the "real" champs.

From: Scott
Team: Pickled Liver
Date: 15/May/2007

Can't we just change the format when it rains?
- a three-legged blindfolded swimming race
- shallow water polo
- It's A Knockout
- mud wrestling

You've got no imagination lads.

From: Scott
Team: Pickled Liver
Date: 13/May/2007

Dear EG,

Here is the report for the unofficial final of the May/13th Vets League tournament …

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not wishing to let a little bit of rain at Harrow spoil their fun, 18 brave souls jumped on jet skis and made a hasty dash for the much drier climate of south-east Bangkok. The May edition of the Vets League took place "unofficially" on the hallowed turf of pitch 2 (or maybe 3?) of Patana School.

A hastily arranged revision of the tournament rules allowed the "Asian Vets" composed mainly of the Japanese Vets taking on the combined force of the Sunbelt United and Pickled Liver Vets, who became the Sunny-Pickled "Farang Vets".

Playing 30 min each way, the first half was almost totally dominated by the Farang Vets who raced into a 4-1 half-time lead. With Danish superstar Preben Bacon eager to get on with things and not allow for the Farangs's momentum to be broken, the half–time break was reduced to a mere 1 min water and pee break. This was to be a massive turning point in the game.

Despite showing signs of their first half domination early in the second half, the Farang Vets's coordination showed signs of falling apart. Sapped energy levels, destroyed by the lack of a decent break at half-time combined with an increased interest in the beers to be enjoyed after the game began to have a strong influence on the game. Despite Keith "the Whippet" racing down the right wing and forcing corner after corner, the Asian Vets began to enjoy far more possession and use it more effectively.

Goals in quick succession brought the deficit back to 4-3, and when the Asian Vets scored a worthy equalizer it was time for Preben Bacon to announce that FIFA rule 145.4 "Next Goal Wins" would decide the winner of May's unofficial Vets League.

A quick break and beautifully flighted cross by the Farang Vets's midfield general Scouse Chris was nodded just wide by roaming full back Mackem Scotty. So close and yet not close enough. Moments later a breakaway by the Asian Vets saw an innocent floating cross, that any Australian cricketer would have caught with ease, fly into the path of Sunbelt Aussie Adrian "the Capped Cat". He jumped majestically but in his attempts to punch the ball clear, his left hook failed to make clean jaw breaking contact with the ball, and so it spun through the air into the convenient path of Sunbelt's legendary former Valencia professional, Tytus "the Gladiator", who slid the ball into an unguarded net for a most unlikely (but well deserved) winner for the Asian Vets.

Although a lack of silverware on site meant that there was no awards ceremony, the Asian Vets were able to beam and reflect on a truly great comeback from the jaws of defeat. Meanwhile the Sunny-Pickled Farang Vets were able to reflect that officially or unofficially they were always destined for another taste of the BadCup!

    • Final Score ==> Asian Vets 5 - 4 Farang Vets
        - May/2007 Champ!: Asian Vets
        - May/2007 BadCup!: Farang Vets


From: Tytus
Team: Sunbelt United
Date: 16/May/2007

Dear All,

Nice Report you wrote there Scotty. It was a very entertaining Asia Vets -vs- Farang Vets Friendly match at Patana . Thanks to Scotty & Friends from Pickled Liver Vets, Mr. Mori and Friends from Japan Allstars and etc. for playing in this match .

I had fun playing and hopefully we could arrange more in the future.

And not to forget, player-referee-and-organizer, Danish Preben of Sunbelt United. lol



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