Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Month #8
02/Sep/2007 • Harrow School

Sep/2007 Vets League sees Cosmos taking back the reins of championship

Date: 09/Sep/2007
Please accept my sincere thanks for yet another hugely-successful, our 3rd biggest, 18-team, 5-hour, 61-match, 7-games-per-team mega tournament, with plenty of winners & losers along the way. One winner certainly was the Vets League itself, as we were able to add one more squad to the list of teams playing in the League — Nextstep Steppers.

We had the following Veteran teams competing for the Top Trophy this month:
    • Pickled Liver
    • Campioni Italians
    • Winking Frog <== co-defending Champ!
    • Bangkok Cosmos
    • Enfant Teenagers <== protectors of the Shield!
    • Irish Xchange
    • British Club <== co-defending Champ!
    • Swiss United
    • Nextstep <== a new squad
    • Amadeus Bookmakers
    • BSL Veterans <== holders of the Plate!
    • Germans
    • Anatolian Turks
    • BU Japan <== owners of the BadCup!
    • Hotspot Spotters
    • Japan FC
    • Harrow Teachers
    • Yingcharoen <== carriers of the Bowl!

Despite the delayed kick-off, the Grand Final, a repeat of the Jul/2007 itself, was well-wroth the wait, pitting the 2 group toppers — Winking Frog and Cosmos — against each other. When the dust settled, Cosmos came out on top with a narrow 2-1 victory, without dropping any points during the day and clinching their 7th championship in the Vets (which has taken them a while to get back to the driving seat since Mar/2007), and confining the Winking Frog to 2nd place in the process for their 5th time since they've been part of the Vets. Congratulation all around!

Also, a big "well done" to Yingcharoen Standbys for a 3rd place finish after wandering in the doldrums uptil this point in the season, as well as Japan FC for their-best 4th place ranking, going one better over their Plate! (5th overall) finish in Jul/2007.

We were all pleased to see Campioni Italians (with a slight bit of infiltration from their parent team, LeCoq French) return to winning ways, coming back from a well-rested summer break and snatching the Plate (5th overall) trophy — their "first-ever" trophy in the Vets. Also, this month's debutantes Nextstep Steppers went home with some silverware, the Shield! (9th overall) trophy, indicating they will be a force to reckon with in the coming months.

Down at the bottom end, the 0-point "flatliners" — Harrow Teachers and BU Japan — faced each other in a contentious and high-tempo match in which Harrow Teachers (lead by Khun Kruu Steve) grabbed their Bowl! (17th overall) trophy by handing BU Japan (lead by Mori San) their 2nd best BadCup! streak in the Vets — 3rd month in-a-row — for a record, double-digit "10th" time!

Although the new 2 group x 9 team format threw off some of our well-established Vets teams, in the end, everyone persevered until the very end, and some of them were even able to get themselves into the Grand Final (e.g., Winking Frog)

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>

Special thanks go to Hotspot's Gonzague and Yingcharoen's Sirichai for lending their hand in the organization throughout the day. Also, our sincere thanks to Harrow School and Kh. Somparn for meticulously preparing the venue for the Vets month-after-month.

Great stuff! Already looking forward to the next month's!

Take care for now, and hope to see y'all on Oct/7th.

Kind regards,

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Picture 1 — This month's debutantes in the League, Nextstep, had a respectable run, and took home the Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

Picture 2 — Plate Division finalists — Amadeus and Campioni — striking a pose after their entertaining match.

Picture 3 — Japan FC and Yingcharoen at the end of their spirited 3rd place match.

Picture 4 — This month's Grand Finalists — Winking Frog and Cosmos — happy to get in front of the camera following their closely fought match.

Picture 5 — The crowd is in waiting for the trophy ceremony.

Picture 6 — All the silverware, raring to go, right before the presentation ceremony.

Picture 7 — Flanked by the Formula-1 Trophy Girls, Eralp the Organizer kicks off the trophy presentation ceremony.

Picture 8 — First gift goes to Roland who shines so bright that the camera's flash is having a difficult time to illuminate the moment. The gift is an autographed picture of the Veterans League Stars for his brother, Frank, in Germany, who actually played with us some time ago.

Picture 9 — BU Japan's Wakana San is in disbelief picking up yet another BadCup! in the Vets.

Picture 10 — . . . but, a photo-op with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls eases the pain to some extent!

Picture 11 — Formula-1 Trophy Girls holding Harrow Teachers's Bowl! (17th overall) trophy, while Khun Kruu Steve is firmly holding the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 12 — With some help, Nextstep's relieved Captain Phongphan lifting the day's Shield! (9th overall) trophy (in the form of a Plate!).

Picture 13 — Campioni had a very good day again, and Captain Thierry and his kids are celebrating the achievement with the Plate! (5th overall) trophy (in the form of a Shield!)..

Picture 14 — A regal looking Yingcharoen Manager, Sirichai, is in shock of the achievement, lifting their 3rd place trophy of the day.

Picture 15 — Winking Frog's newly-wed Captain Kevin is holding the 2nd place trophy once again, keeping his precise distance from the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 16 — Cosmos's heavy-gun Pedro, with his son, is holding the Champ! trophy (once again!) — he's been there, done that!

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02/Sep/2007 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Cosmos 12 (1B) Champ!
 • Winking Frog 12 (1A) 2nd
 • Yingcharoen 9 (3B) 3rd
 • Japan FC 9 (3A) 4th
 • Campioni 9 (2A) Plate!
 • Amadeus 9 (2B) 6th
 • Enfant 7 (4B) 7th
 • Pickled Liver 7 (4A) 8th
 • Nextstep 6 (6B) Shield!
 • Irish Xchange 4 (6A) 10th
 • Germans 6 (5A) 11th
 • Anatolia 6 (5B) 12th
 • BSL 1 (8B) 13th
 • Swiss 2 (8A) 14th
 • British Club 4 (7A) 15th
 • Hotspot 4 (7B) 16th
 • Harrow 0 (9A) Bowl!
 • BU Japan 0 (9B) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B.