Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Month #10
04/Nov/2007 • Harrow School

Nov/2007 Vets League conclude with Cosmos as three-peat champions

Date: 12/Nov/2007
I'd like to thank all the teams and players for another wonderful round of Vets League football last Sunday — our 10th competition of 2007. I can see everyone was thoroughly enjoying the day, especially since we started bang on time, and didn't have to rush through the day — a model which we shall follow going forward.

With the following teams:
    • British Club
    • Nextstep
    • Anatolia
    • Winking Frog
    • LeCoq
    • Swiss
    • BU Japan <== carriers of the Bowl!
    • BSL
    • Germans
    • Cosmos <== defending Champ!
    • Harrow
    • Medicals
    • Campioni
    • Yingcharoen
and, not having Debsirin and LesGaulois among the ranks, led many of us think that it will be another runaway Cosmos day, with perhaps the Winking Frog in their "first-ever" in the title chase.

With that assumption, many teams jockeyed around to position themselves as far away as possible from Cosmos, but nevertheless, the random groups draw decided who plays with who in the Group Stage. The 2 groups x 7 teams format allowed avoiding the strong teams to a certain extent by playing only 4 other teams in the group.

Some of the interesting results of the Group Stage were:
  • the slow-going day of Winking Frog with plenty of draws, but with a win against the eventual Grand Finalists
  • a good overall group run from Campioni Italians, with a great surprising win over the shell-shocked Anatolian Turks 
  • an incredibly successful group round from the Harrow Teachers, who are normally not used to winning back-to-back-games
  • Cosmos running all the way to group leadership by winning all their group matches handily, with an extra bonus point against the Germans 
  • British Club snatching the very last Cup Division spot by a mere 1 point over an inspired BSL Veterans 
  • LeCoq French finishing an unprecedented group 2nd, but dropping a game against the resilient Germans
  • the men from having a rough day at the Vets, and finishing the group down at the bottom-end (a truly rare sight!), one less than the usual BadCup! suspects — BU Japan
  • last month's 4th finishers, Nextstep, end up way down in the doldrums with 0 (that's right, "zero") points, slightly below the underachieving Anatolian Turks and Yingcharoen Standbys 

While the eyes were fixed on BU Japan and how they would do at the end of the day, in the top Cup Division, Cosmos was cruising smoothly, first at the "Early Final" of the day against Winking Frog in the QFs, then against the newbies Medical Gear in the SFs.

Another team to note was the Harrow Teachers, with their rough-&-tumble brand of football, and a towering goalkeeper, many teams found it mighty hard to score against them.

Interestingly, BU Japan was at it once again, not letting anybody get in between them and the BadCup!, and lost the play-off match against their own group's bottom-enders, Swiss United; then turned around to lose once again the other group's play-off loser, Nextstep — all in the name of bringing home, once again, our most coveted BadCup! At his stage in the league's 3-year history, I frankly lost count of how many times BU Japan won the BadCup!, and I must refer to the Vets website's Stats page every time:

In the Shield Division (i.e., ranks between 9th and 12th), tough battles turned in favour of the Swiss beating the Turks narrowly to grab the day's Shield!, despite their group-ender finish earlier in the day.

On the other hand, the QF losers went into a league of their own in the Plate Division, and out came the resurgent Germans, winning the Plate! this time, in addition to their 2nd overall placing a couple of months ago, taking down LeCoq French a second time on the same day.

And, at the top end in the Cup Division, Cosmos found it easy again, to go all the way to the Grand Final, and disobey Harrow Teachers' orders, to steal the Top Trophy right from under their noses in a spirited high-tempo match.

Lastly, our consolation 3rd place match clearly showed how strong of a team Campioni has been in the Vets League by beating, in their "first-ever" penalty-shootout win, the other newbies, Medical Gear, who, in return, as the 4th placing team won the League's "first-ever" presented Fair Play Award in loving memory of British Club Martin's recently-lost twins — Calista and Anthony.

At the end of the day, the following were the full list of rankings,
    1) Cosmos <== Champ!
    2) Harrow Teachers
    3) Campioni
    4) Medicals <== FairPlay!
    5) Germans <== Plate!
    6) LeCoq
    7) Winking Frog
    8) British Club
    9) Swiss <== Shield!
    10) Anatolia
    11) Yingcharoen
    12) BSL
    13) Nextstep
    14) BU Japan

With this championship, Cosmos got their incredible 3rd-in-a-row title, in hopes of surpassing Vikings's 4-in-a-row consecutive wins record from 2006 season.

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>

Congratulations once again to all the teams!

Special thanks go to Yingcharoen's Sirichai for helping with the organization, and more importantly, finding some truly gorgeous Formula-1 Trophy Girls every month. Also, our thanks to Kh. Bang and the entire refereeing crew, plus Harrow's Kh. Somparn for preparing the venue so beautifully for us month-after-month.

See y'all in the next month's Vets League Sunday.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — All the silverware, raring to go!

Picture 2 — Pre-tournament warm-ups taking place as the teams get ready for the big day of action.

Picture 3 — LeCoq French and their long queue of supporters ready to kick off the day (What's Anatolian's Haydar doing in the mix?)

Picture 4 — Anatolian Turks with their massive squad in expectation of high results this month.

Picture 5 — Campioni Italians brought their biggest team this month which paid huge dividends, finishing 3rd overall in the day.

Picture 6 — Lovely Burger Ladies waiting to serve their hungry customers.

Picture 7 — LeCoq French and Swiss United battling it out in the midfield.

Picture 8 — Eralp the Organizer caught in his national colours.

Picture 9 — The derby between the Germans and the British Club is a common sight in the Vets.

Picture 10 — BSL Veterans fought hard throughout the day in order not to win the BadCup!

Picture 11 — Yingcharoen and Nextstep in a friendly photo after their group match.

Picture 12 — Germans and LeCoq French is another one of the regular derby matches in the Vets.

Picture 13 — Trophies and Formula-1 Trophy Girls — always a good mix.

Picture 14 — Jonathan from the Germans enjoying a day out with the family.

Picture 15 — Another kids tournament taking place next door.

Picture 16 — Some teams are back for a short rest before heading out to their next match.

Picture 17 — British Club with black armbands in memory of Martin's recently lost twins.

Picture 18 — Cosmos and Winking Frog still friends after their Cup QF3, which Cosmos won narrowly and moved on.

Picture 19 — Harrow Teachers, with a towering goalkeeper, finished the day with a rare 2nd overall finish.

Picture 20 — LeCoq's Christophe taking his penalty onto the Germans in the Plate Division Final shootout.

Picture 21 — LeCoq French and the Germans meet again in the Knockout Stage again in the Plate Division Final, which the Germans win again, this time at the end of a penalty shootout.

Picture 22 — Campioni and Medicals in a photo after their 3rd place match, which Campioni won after a penalty shootout.

Picture 23 — Harrow Teachers and Cosmos caught in a friendly photo at the end of their Grand Final.

Picture 24 — Wakana San proudly lifting yet another BadCup! for BU Japan.

Picture 25 — Finishing 12th on the day still doesn't hold back BSL's Roland from his customary photo with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 26 — Peter from Swiss United appear much satisfied with their Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

Picture 27— More Captains join the bandwagon for pictures with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls — this time it's Martin from British Club for their 8th place ranking.

Picture 28 — Yet more Captains join the bandwagon for pictures with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls — this time it's Eric from Winking Frog for their lowly 7th place ranking.

Picture 29 — Yet even more Captains join the bandwagon for pictures with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls — this time, it's the eldest of all statesmen, LeCoq's Dominique for better-than-expected 6th place ranking.

Picture 30 — Finally, a worthy winner with some well-deserved silverware, Franco from the Germans lifting their Plate! (5th overall) trophy.

Picture 31 — British Club's Martin awarding the FairPlay! (4th overall) trophy to Medical Gear in memory of his recently lost twins — Calista and Anthony.

Picture 32 — Medicals Captain doesn't miss the chance for a photo with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 33 — Martin is receiving his gift from Eralp the Organizer given to him by the Nextstep Steppers.

Picture 34— Camera-shy Gerome sends his little son to pick up Campioni's 3rd place trophy from the Formula-1 Trophy Girls (admittedly, it's tough to judge who is happier!)

Picture 35 —Harrow Teachers lifting their rare 2nd place trophy in joy.

Picture 36 — Fahri from the Germans never misses a chance for photo-op with his favourites.

Picture 37 — Middle Easterners — Reza, Fahri, Eralp — caught in the frame by a freak turn of the luck.

Picture 38— And, eventually, we get to the champions on the day — Pedro from the Cosmos lifting another Champ! trophy in the Vets.

Picture 39 — Plenty of Vets on hand to take the traditional end-of-day group photo.

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From: Mauro
Team: Bangkok Cosmos
Date: 13/Nov/2007

Hi EG,

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, and know that it is very







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04/Nov/2007 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Cosmos 13 (1B) Champ!
 • Harrow Teachers 10 (1A) 2nd
 • Campioni 9 (2A) 3rd
 • Medicals 7 (3A) FairPlay!
 • Germans 7 (3B) Plate!
 • LeCoq 9 (2B) 6th
 • Winking Frog 6 (4A) 7th
 • British Club 4 (4B) 8th
 • Swiss 1 (7B) Shield!
 • Anatolia 4 (6A) 10th
 • Yingcharoen 4 (5A) 11th
 • BSL Veterans 3 (5B) 12th
 • Nextstep 0 (7A) 13th
 • BU Japan 2 (6B) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B.