Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Month #11
— Season-ending Tournament —
16/Dec/2007 • Harrow School

New outfit Harrow Cooks slash Cosmos's fairytale run in season-ending Dec/2007 Vets League

Date: 20/Dec/2007

Dec/2007 season-ending tournament pictures are below.

Tournament report to follow soon!

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Picture 1 — All the captains receiving their customary briefing in the Captains Meeting at beginning of the day.

Picture 2 — The crowd is getting ready for the day's kickoff.

Picture 3 — Anatolia defending vigorously against the Medicals.

Picture 4 — Captain Kevin of the Winking Frog advancing the ball onto the BU Japan.

Picture 5 — Chief Referee Kh. Bang making sure all the games are officiated smoothly.

Picture 6 — Kids having a great day out.

Picture 7 — Santa Claus cometh.

Picture 8 — The intimidating British Club squad.

Picture 9 — This month's debutantes, Turkish Allstars, swept the Group Stage in their Group-B.

Picture 10 — Another rookie team, Triumph Rockets, left a strong impression on the spectators by finishing 8th overall.

Picture 11 — John Smiths, with the inclusion of Vikings's Anders on their ranks, were a force to reckon with, and finished strong 6th overall.

Picture 12 — The impressive squad of Winking Frog.

Picture 13 — Eralp the Organizer explaining the magic of the fixtures to British Club's Wayne and Amadeus's Luis.

Picture 14 — Burgers anyone?

Picture 15 — The two Turkish teams comparing notes during their rest in between the Group Stage games.

Picture 16 — Crowd in waiting for the Group Stage results.

Picture 17 — And, there they come — Cosmos is NOT in the Cup competition!

Picture 18 — Winking Frog's Joe coolly converting this penalty against Amadeus in Cup SF2.

Picture 19 — Trophies and Formula-1 Trophy Girls — always a good mix. This month, since it's season-ending, there is trophies for all the teams, plus some more for special recognition of some individuals.

Picture 20 — Little did Harrow Cooks know they may end up first-time entry Champ! this month.

Picture 21 — Medical Gear's massive squad could only muster winning the BadCup! Final against the Germans.

Picture 22 — Yingcharoen's squad were ready and willing to take on any opposition.

Picture 23 — Medicals Captain Chatchai and Yingchaoen Manager Sirichai couldn't pass the opportunity for a pose with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 24 — Medicals and Germans joyous after their BadCup! Final in which the Medical comfortably won 2-0 and confined the Germans to the BadCup!

Picture 25 — Yingcharoen Standbys and Harrow Cooks having a laugh after their Cup SF1.

Picture 26 — Grand Finalists, Winking Frog and Harrow Cooks seem glad that the day is over before sunset.

Picture 27 — British Club's goalkeeper Reza always Mr. Congenial.

Picture 28 — Ralf joyfully lifts Germans BadCup!, their first one since Sep/2006.

Picture 29 — Medicals Captains appear satisfied with escaping the BadCup! and picking the Bowl! (17th overall) trophy on the day.

Picture 30 — Roland from BSL Veterans always in the middle of trophy ceremony pictures, this time for their 15th place ranking.

Picture 31 — LeCoq's Dominique celebrating their 14th place finish this month.

Picture 32 — And along comes Pedro to pick up Cosmos's 13th place trophy (yes, 13th, no typo!).

Picture 33 — British Club's Wayne elated with their 12th place finish.

Picture 34 — Mori San with BU Japan's incredible 11th place trophy.

Picture 35 — Carlo gently lifts Campioni's 10th place trophy.

Picture 36 — Preben with Hotspot's Shield! (9th overall) trophy in one hand.

Picture 37 — David with Rockets's 8th place trophy in their "first-ever" entry in the Vets.

Picture 38— Yingcharoen's Sirichai lifting their FairPlay! (4th overall) trophy.

Picture 39 — Amadeus did incredibly well this month and grabbed the 3rd place trophy.

Picture 40 — Moving onto more interesting trophies. This one is for "Half Century Club members — Steve (for Winking Frog's Derek), LeCoq's Dominique, Amadeus's Keith, and Winking Frog's Paul.

Picture 41 — Wayne, with Reza, lifts British Club's "The Omnipresent" trophy for participating in each-&-every Vets League Sunday since the beginning in Feb/2005.

Picture 42 — Mori San proud to receive BU Japan's "Ever-present" trophy for having the 2nd longest continuous participation streak in the Vets.

Picture 43 — Recognizing the efforts of Yingcharoen's Sirichai and Hotspot's Gonzague for always willing to lend a hand in the organization of the Vets League throughout the year.

Picture 44 — Recognizing Germans's Ralf for being the most financially connected, and bringing Bangkok General Hospital's sponsorship to the Vets every year.

Picture 45 — Cosmos Captain Pedro appear surprised for being the most digitally demanded team on the website.

Picture 46 — Paul, Joe and Steve pick yet another 2nd place trophy for the Winking Frog.

Picture 47 — Harrow Cooks took the Vets by storm this month by going all the way to the championship with ease.

Picture 48 — Cosmos's Pedro back on the stage again, this time proudly lifting the Vets League 2008 Season Trophy.

Picture 49 — LeCoq's Dominique presenting the Goodie Bag and Ronaldinho-10 Wheels to Eralp the Organizer in appreciation of what the Vets League has become over the years.

Picture 50 — Yet another gift, decades aged Japanese Suntory Whiskey, from BU Japan's Mori San.

Picture 51 — One final photo for the master organizers of the Vets League — Gonzague, Eralp, Sirichai.

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From: Richard
Team: Hotspot Spotters
Date: 17/Dec/2007


I enjoyed it thoroughly yesterda. My first excercise in 3 months! Naturally I am a bit sore this morning. I would make a point to come to this in future, so if you can group us "strayers" together and perhaps a new team can be formed that would be good.

Also thank you to Preben for accommodating me in his team.

Thanks again EG, for all your effort and energy to organize this. You deserve a big pat on your back. Have a happy holidays!


From: Philippe
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 17/Dec/2007

Good Day Eralp,

I did not salute you yesterday evening.

Thanks again for this great tournament organization. It was my first participation with "LeCoq", and we will be back.

Meanwhile have a great end of year, and a very good start of 2008.

See you.






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16/Dec/2007 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Harrow Cooks 11 (2A) Champ!
 • Winking Frog 8 (2B) 2nd
 • Amadeus 6 (4A) 3rd
 • Yingcharoen 11 (1A) FairPlay!
 • Anatolia 5 (4B) Plate!
 • John Smiths 6 (3A) 6th
 • Turkish Allstars 9 (1B) 7th
 • Rockets 8 (3B) 8th
 • Hotspot 5 (5B) Shield!
 • Campioni 4 (6A) 10th
 • BU Japan 2 (8B) 11th
 • British Club 3 (7A) 12th
 • Cosmos 4 (7B) 13th
 • LeCoq 3 (8A) 14th
 • BSL Veterans 5 (5A) 15th
 • Swiss 4 (6B) 16th
 • Medicals 1 (9B) Bowl!
 • Germans 1 (9A) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B.