Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4, Month #2
02/Mar/2008 • Harrow School

Mar/2008 Vets League finish with another Cosmos victory

Date: 06/Mar/2008
Vets League continued its high-flying streak with another huge 18-team tournament in this month, adding 2 more new teams in its roster: the new offshoot — JFC Blue Penguins, and the new label on the old faces — Crossbar Strikers. With the way this thing is growing we're going to need a bigger venue to hold the tournaments!

We started just a bit late, partly due to Pickled Liver Stuart's lively FDS Kids Tournament (many of us enjoyed the kids running the ball, reminiscing our own childhood), still managed to end the day with the sun still brightly shining. I must thank my new techno-wonder tool — the wireless microphone — for keeping all of us on the clock from whereever I was on the venue, despite Anders and Terry's hapless search for me (on their "other" left) to record Crossbar's game score. Some thought I was making the announcement of the fixtures from the restroom, which I need to give it a try next time

I also thank Winking Frog's Graham, BSL's Roland and Yingcharoen's Sirichai for the help they provided throughout the day. Yes, it takes a number of hands to get this show rolling, and I hope more volunteers would step forward in the future months.

This time, the 18-team, 61-game fixture was familiar to all of us, as we have done it successfully in Sep/2007 and in Dec/2007 before.

It was a hot Sunday throughout the day, and everyone was scrambling for water all the time. The action on the pitch was much of scramble as well, each team scrapping any point they can in order to be able end up in the Top-4 of the 2 groups, and enter the Cup competition.

In that respect, the usual suspects — Winking Frog, Cosmos, Anatolia, LesGaulois, Harrow Cooks pulled themselves into the Top-4 rather handily, but finding British Club, BSL (Originals), and Medicals in that mix was a surprise to many. In the 2nd tier, seeing Anders and his new Crossbar Strikers and Campioni Italians was a surprise of another sort, though we were not shocked to see LeCoq, Germans, BU Japan in that vicinity.

Perhaps the biggest shock of all was to find usually hard-fighting teams like Yingcharoen Standbys and Swiss United at the very bottom of their respective groups, dreading the moment to play for the BadCup! later in the day.

The Shield Division QFs produced some interesting matchups, seeing LeCoq, Crossbar, JFC Bears and BSL Apprentices take down BU Japan, Campioni, Germans and JFC Penguins respectively.

In Cup Division QFs, Winking Frog, Anatolia and Cosmos overcame their opposition in Medicals, BSL Originals and British Club respectively. One victim of the QFs this month was LesGaulois narrowly losing to Harrow Cooks in an exciting game.

LeCoq continued their winning run with a high-wire 7-6 penalty-shootout victory over Crossbar in the Shield Division SFs, while BSL Apprentices were getting comfortable with the Vets format in their 2nd entry, and were on the winning side over JFC Bears.

The Shield Final favoured the experienced side in LeCoq over BSL Apprentices, and saw them clinch a narrow 1-0 victory over the newcomers, improving their VetsLeague Global Ranking from 21st last month to 9th overall this month.

And, in the bottom-end championship match of the day, we sent Yingcharoen and Swiss to one of the available pitches way, way out there, at the end of which messengers brought the news that the Swiss win the BadCup! on an extra-time 1-0 loss, handing Yingcharoen the Bowl! (17th overall) trophy. According to the Vets League record books, this is the "first-ever" BadCup! win for the Swiss, and I'm sure they will be looking to go up in the upcoming months (as nowhere else to go, but up), hopefully with their influential leader Dino at the helm.

There were couple of cracking games in the Cup Division SFs. Winking Frog and Harrow Cooks finding 1 goal each in the regular time, put themselves into the dreaded penalty-shoot outs. Since we changed the penalty-shootout rules this month from 3 penalties each team to sudden-death format, the winning team would need nerves of steel to pull themselves into the Grand Final — and that's exactly what Winking Frog's Paul did on the first shot, and Harrow Cooks couldn't.

The 2nd Cup SF seemed like a familiar matchup these days, Cosmos hosting Anatolia, the result of which seems to be favouring Cosmos generally. And, this month was no exception with Cosmos pulling out a closely fought 2-1 victory to carry themselves into yet another Grand Final in the Vets.

The 3rd place match between Anatolia and Harrow Cooks was played in a very friendly atmosphere, Anatolia wrapping up their 3rd overall ranking for the 2nd time in as many months.

And, after waiting a bit for Gonzague to finish his goalkeeping duties in LeCoq's Shield Final and moving over to Cosmos's goal, we were ready to roll in a repeat of Jul/2006 and Sep/2007 Grand Finals, pitting Cosmos against Winking Frog once again.

Cosmos wasted no time getting on the board right off the kickoff whistle, which Winking Frog replied in kind rather quickly. However, obviously, Cosmos was the stronger side of the two, stringing 2 more goals in quick succession before the end of the 13 min derby.

With this championship, Cosmos got their 2-in-a-row streak on a roll, in hopes of surpassing Vikings's 4-in-a-row consecutive wins record from 2006 season.

At the end of the day, the following were the full list of rankings, the winners joyful in their well-earned trophies, and the losers enjoying their hard-fought beer-bucket coupons from our new sponsor, DownUnder Sports Bistro in Sukhumvit Soi 23.

    1) Cosmos <== Champ!
    2) Winking Frog <-- beer-bucket! 
    3) Anatolia <-- beer-bucket! 
    4) Harrow Cooks <== FairPlay!
    5) Medicals <== Plate!
    6) British Club <-- beer-bucket! 
    7) BSL Originals
    8) LesGaulois
    9) LeCoq <== Shield!
    10) BSL Apprentices <-- beer-bucket! 
    11) Crossbar
    12) JFC Bears
    13) Germans
    14) Campioni
    15) BU Japan
    16) JFC Penguins
    17) Yingcharoen <== Bowl!
    18) Swiss <== BadCup!

Here's the complete scores of the day ==>

Congratulations to Cosmos, and to all the other teams that took part in yet another successful edition of the Vets League. I hope everyone had a good time, meeting up with friends, as well playing the game we love.

With this opportunity, all the Vets thank Kh. Sorot of ChefsXP for taking care of the water and soft-drinks on the day. We are looking forward to seeing more of him, perhaps on the pitches , in the rest of the season.

My sincere thanks go to everyone who showed up, as well as those who helped in the organization. This time, I was able to get a few minutes here-&-there on the pitch, and was able to utilize my new Ronaldinho-10 wheels in making a few masterful assists. More goals (and plenty more of them!) to follow in future months

Looking forward to the next edition on Apr/6th.

Kind regards,



Picture 1 — Stuart's kids in development to be huge footballers of the future.

Picture 2 — Plenty of trophies and medals waiting for Stuart's kids.

Picture 3 — All the Team Captains and Eralp the Organizer pictured together in a proper line-up like never seen before.

Picture 4 — British Club, with the aid of Hotspot's Preben and Vern, not to mention Reza in goal, had an impressive run this month.

Picture 5 — LeCoq pictured with their "alma pater" le coq.

Picture 6 — This month's newbies Crossbar Strikers, mostly formed from the legendary Scandinavian Vikings of 2006, couldn't fulfill the expectations of the crowd to make a run for the Top Cup.

Picture 7 — Anatolian Turks were another force to reckon with this month, and giving a good run to Cosmos in the Cup SFs, and in the end, replicating their 3rd place achievement of last month.

Picture 8 — The impressive squad of Winking Frog are all on Sprite soda at this point in the day (including Derek!).

Picture 9 — Winking Frog's Nick mounting yet another attack against the JFC offshoot "Penguins".

Picture 10 — JFC Penguins and Winking Frog are all best buddies at the end of their group match.

Picture 11 — Swiss United seemed like they had a deep squad, but couldn't prevent the BadCup! achievement this month.

Picture 12 — Usually strong Campioni Italians were in search of their influential leader, Thierry.

Picture 13 — Anatolian Turks and JFC Bears captured together at the end of their group match.

Picture 14 — Captains get together again to hear the Group Stage rankings.

Picture 15 — Eralp the Organizer is busy crunching the Group Stage numbers.

Picture 16 — BU Japan tried their best not to win the BadCup!, and finished the day at an healthy 15th overall.

Picture 17 — Japan FC's split-half, JFC Bears, faired well, and ranked 12th overall at the end of the day.

Picture 18 — Japan FC's the new offshoot half, JFC Penguins, narrowly lost the battle against their bitter rivals, BU Japan, and ended the day at 16th.

Picture 19 — Winking Frog back in the frame, this time with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls, on their way to yet another 2nd place finish. They just gotto do 1 better one of these days.

Picture 20 — The day's Champ!, Bangkok Cosmos, pictured with their lucky yellow bibs, . . . and the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 21 — Swiss United change shirts and take the Formula-1 Trophy Girls, but still doesn't help with the BadCup! finish.

Picture 22 — Germans in their national colours — black and pink!

Picture 23 — Germans's Raphael fulfilling his fatherly duties in between games.

Picture 24 — From 5th place Plate! last month to this month's BadCup! final, Yingcharoen Standbys had a lot riding on their side.

Picture 25 — Yingcharoen and Swiss are at full speed, fighting it out to (not) win the BadCup!.

Picture 26 — Yingcharoen and Swiss pictured jointly following their grueling BadCup! battle.

Picture 27 — Kh. Somboon and Harrow Cooks brought their impressive squad again, finishing the day at 4th overall.

Picture 28 — The beer queues were endless.

Picture 29 — Anatolia and Cosmos pictured together after their exciting Cup SF2 matchup — a familiar sight these days.

Picture 30 — Cosmos's Patrick working the ball up to Winking Frog's goal through the midfield in the Grand Final of the day.

Picture 31 — Derek the Frog doing all he can, in vein, to keep out Cosmos's shot.

Picture 32 — Winking Frog and Bangkok Cosmos pictured in a friendly photo following their Grand Final.

Picture 33 — All the silverware, and more, raring to go!

Picture 34 — Germans's Wolfgang happily hugged his "Half Century" trophy left over from Dec/2007.

Picture 35 — Swiss Captain Dirk captured with Swiss United's "first-ever" BadCup! trophy.

Picture 36 — Yingcharoen's Sirichai gracious in picking up the Bowl! (17th overall) trophy.

Picture 37 — LeCoq's Dominique spreads his wings around the Formula-1 Trophy Girls as he picks up the Shield! (9th overall) trophy.

Picture 38 — Kh. Boy from the Medical Gear content with their Plate! (5th overall) achievement.

Picture 39 — Kh. Sombooon from Harrow Cooks satisfied in winning the FairPlay! (4th overall) trophy.

Picture 40 — Scott and Mauro appear magnanimous in victory, picking up yet another Champ! trophy for Cosmos.

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From: Terry
Team: Crossbar Strikers
Date: 03/Mar/2008

Great tourney yesterday. . . . . even though we did not live up to our own expectations ;) . . . . . need a goalscorer. You know anyone, haha.?


From: Roland
Team: BSL Veterans
Date: 06/Mar/2008

Dear EG,

Thanks for the marvellous and smooth running March Vets League event.

Our players enjoy the day too mut...!

All of us were almost walking on crutches for the last 2 games but, however (= 40 Baht) it was worth the pain.

Keep on going EG.


From: Wayne
Team: British Club
Date: 08/Mar/2008

Another fantastic tournament, EG, which ran very smoothly.

kindest regards

From: Dominique
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 08/Mar/2008

Dear EG,

Thanks again for a beautiful tournament where the Invincible (this time) and Unique (always) LeCoq won the Shield! with some luck, and after going through dramatic moments.

I would like to make 2 proposals which I hope will be seen as positive:

The Exceptional Fun and Friendship trophy:
An official FairPlay! trophy has been awarded, and this one begs to be different; it rewards anybody, not only players, that does anyhing to make the tournament more Fun, social and Friendly.

Let me give you a perfect exemple which occured in this last event.

For poor reasons, but no ill intentions, LeCoq picked Anders as the player to watch in every game we play against him. We have always considered Anders as the most experienced and technical player in the tournament, in other words , the best allround player who makes a difference (of course Kenny is another great player, but he mostly and "kindly" always plays at the back when Anders plays as striker).

Every time we face him, he is the scorer; as we try to compensate age with tactics, we intentionally try to neutralize him in every game, and for this purpose we send our most committed defender, Olivier. I must admit it never occured to me that this was not a tactic that goes well with the spirit of the tournament and I should have known it could have ended very badly.

Our game with Crossbar, Anders new team, started with some serious "covering" of Anders; within minutes Anders had received one or two strong tackles (standing tackles but, Anders probably still has the red marks on his calves), and was answering with provocating and disturbing verbal callings. I thought this game would end badly, but as it developed, things calmed down and the game ended with a draw.

I noticed that Olivier did not get embroiled, and did not try to take on Anders as usual. Anders did not always play on Olivier's side. Though Crossbar had a better team on that day, we beat them on penalty, and I thought Anders would be angry and complain.

To my big surprise, and great joy and relief, Anders instead came to congratulate us (which was indeed deserved as we were the underdog team and we played that game with heart). This was part of the rule EG had set, to shake hands at the end of games, and Anders had clearly gone one step further. Considering the earlier animosity, I thought that gesture was an exceptional one. It defused immediately all bad feelings and belliquous thoughts we accumulated over the games.

If you all agree I would like to create and award the first Fun and Friendship Trophy to Anders and request him to share it with Olivier.

VetsLeague Global Rankings (VGR):
    I had not yet found the time to comment on the VGR.

My first thought is: why a VGR when we do so well without it! Can anyone tell me? Does anyone need it? Aren't we having enough Fun and creating unbelievable Friendship? I have not yet looked at it because I get no kick when looking at ranking !!

Unless we imagine a VGR that promotes fun and fairness.

  • Top 4 teams in the ranking start each game with a 2 goals handicap! Next 4 teams start with 1 goal. Let them work a little more to get their ranking. Handicap review every 3 months.
Bonus :
  • For every player over 50, 45, 40, add X, Y, Z points (to be agreed)
  • Any team contributing to the day organisation get X points
  • Any team bringing a sponsor or free booze food or anything to share get X points

Other ideas welcome to make the VGR a fun and friendly one.

This handicap and bonus system is not only for VGR, but for each tournament trophies would be created to award every 3 months !

For your thoughts.

Le Coq

From: Anders
Team: Crossbar Strikers
Date: 08/Mar/2008

Hi Dominique,

I don't know what to say for once I'm speechless ;-)

Thank you!


From: Chris
Team: Crossbar Strikers
Date: 09/Mar/2008

That was probably the plan, shut you up for a while.


From: Terry
Team: Crossbar Strikers
Date: 10/Mar/2008

Impossible! . . . YOU speechless!

Are we talking about the same person Dominique?



Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





02/Mar/2008 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • Cosmos 10 (2B) Champ!
 • Winking Frog 13 (1A) 2nd
 • Anatolia 11 (1B) 3rd
 • Harrow Cooks 10 (3B) FairPlay!
 • Medicals 6 (4B) Plate!
 • British Club 5 (3A) 6th
 • BSL Originals 5 (4A) 7th
 • LesGaulois 10 (2A) 8th
 • LeCoq 4 (5A) Shield!
 • BSL Apprentices 4 (6B) 10th
 • Crossbar 3 (6A) 11th
 • JFC Bears 4 (5B) 12th
 • Germans 2 (8A) 13th
 • Campioni 4 (7B) 14th
 • BU Japan 3 (8B) 15th
 • JFC Penguins 3 (7A) 16th
 • Yingcharoen 1 (9A) Bowl!
 • Swiss 1 (9B) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B.