Bangkok Veterans League
Season #3, Event #3
— "(Winking) Frog -vs- (LeCoq) Frog" Friendly —
16/Jun/2007 • Patana School

"Winking" Frog stomps "LeCoq" Frog in a feisty first faceoff

Date: 07/Jul/2007
In what was billed as "The Clash of the Titan (Frogs)", Vets League witnessed its first 11-a-side friendly among the League's 2 teams in this
==> Frog -vs- Frog <==
inaugural annual traditional friendly derby match.

The following was the invitation that had been extended to all to Vets League teams way in advance for them to donate players, or come watch the spectacle.

Date: 07/May/2007
The 1st inaugural annual "(Winking) Frog -vs- (LeCoq) Frog" friendly game is scheduled to kickoff at 3:00 pm on Jun/16th (Sat.) at Patana School (map).

Post-match festivities will be held at the Winking Frog (Sukhumvit Soi 7).

Those who are interested in playing should contact Derek the Frog or LeCoq Dominique. Players should be 35+ in age, and in some way associated with either club (interpret that as you may! :)

This is a friendly match, but boasting rights and a trophy are there to be claimed.

Click here to see the full invitation flyer.

And on the afternoon of 16/Jun/2007, both teams slowly descended onto gorgeous Patana School pitches, everyone rightfully weary of the blistering sun.

1st Half:
    After the initial pleasantries, handshakes and photo shoots, the game got off to a fast start, Winking Frog pounding LeCoq Frog's goal from the get-go. LeCoq took a while to warm up to the 11-a-side full pitch format, but not before going down on a nicely taken goal from clean-shaven Paul.

LeCoq Frog started making waves starting from the middle of the half till the half-time, but Winking Frog capitalizing on their chances, and closing the half with doubling their lead via a very "British" Anders.

    • Half Time ==> Winking Frog 2-0 LeCoq Frog

2nd Half:
    The 2nd Half seemed like a mirror image of the 1st Half, where Winking Frog controlled the top part, and the LeCoq Frog controlled the bottom part.

Winking Frog's (or more like Anders's) clinical finishing was the differentiating factor throughout the whole match. Winking Frog got chances, and scored; LeCoq Frog got (many) chances, and squandered (Eric, Eralp, Dominique are much to blame!).

    • Full Time ==> Winking Frog 5-0 LeCoq Frog

    Overall, a match truly played in the friendly spirit of the Vets League and principles of fair play. Although the score showed LeCoq Frog got thumped by the Winking Frog mercilessly (thanks to an unforgiving Anders), the game was much balanced and evenly flowing.

After-game Bash:
    Although I missed the chance to attend the after-game bash at Winking Frog, the rumours abound on the extend of festivities and the flow of spirits!

Looking forward to next years's edition eagerly.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Derek and the Winking Frog getting ready for the action.

Picture 2 — LeCoq Frog looked thin on the ground initially.

Picture 3 — Winking Frog slowly gathering troops.

Picture 4 — Is that some cash exchanging hands before the kickoff?

Picture 5 — LeCoq Frog musters a few more numbers.

Picture 6 — El-Capitan Dominique dishing out critical instructions.

Picture 7 — LeCoq Frog captured in their inaugural annual traditional "Frog -vs- Frog" friendly derby match. Pictured are:
    Standing: Francois, Eric, Dominique (C), Christophe, Jean-Pierre, Olivier, David
    Front: Eralp, Eric, Marc, Gilles, Vincent

Picture 8 — Winking Frog captured in their inaugural annual traditional "Frog -vs- Frog" friendly derby match. Pictured are:
    Standing: Darren, Paul, Joe, Terry, Derek, Graham, Fin
    Front: Kevin (C), Steve, Anders, Kew, Peter, [13]

Picture 9 — LeCoq Frog challenging Winking Frog goal to the best of their ability.

Picture 10 — LeCoq Frog not happy with some Referee decisions.

Picture 11 — Mad rush for water at the half-time.

Picture 12 — Derek explaining the Winking Frog tactics for the 2nd Half.

Picture 13 — Winking Frog gets the winners trophy, while LeCoq Frog gets wine and baguette!

Picture 14 — Both teams resting at the end of the day. All are heat exhausted — more than playing football.

From: Graham
Team: Winking Frog
Date: XX/Xxx/XXXX, XX:XX pm



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Winking Frog -vs- LeCoq Frog
Paul 1 - 0
Anders 2 - 0
Anders 3 - 0
Anders 4 - 0
Anders 5 - 0
5 - 0
    • HT: Half Time
    • FT: Full Time