Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4, Event #13
— Annual Traditional Friendly Derby Match —
• 2nd Annual "Bangkok Veterans -vs- Bangkok Japanese" •
24/Aug/2008 • Patana School

Veterans take back the Permanent Cup comfortably

Date: 05/Aug/2009
After exactly a year later, the Bangkok Veterans met the Bangkok Japanese (a mix team of stars from BU Japan, Japan FC and Japan Allstars) once again with the aim to bring home this annual traditional friendly derby's Permanent Cup.

Last year in 2007 (read here), in the inaugural edition, the Japanese narrowly won the trophy in the last kick of the penalty-shootout, and this year, the Veterans were determined to return a favour.

A quick e-mail went out to all the Vets on the VetsLeague mailing group, and in a flash, we had a team:
    • Veterans League
        - Eralp (M)
    • Crossbar Strikers
        - Chris
    • BSL Veterans
        - Marc
        - Roland
        - Rod
        - Bruce
        - Steve (C)
    • British Club
        - Wayne
        - Vern
        - Martin
    • New Wave
        - Paul
    • LeCoq French
        - Keith
        - Gonzague
    • Eton Rifles
        - Darren
        - Fraser
    • LesGaulois French
        - Nebojsa

As the Veterans were counting on the skillful striking talents of Hiroshi, we suddenly realized that, naturally, we were going to lose him to the opposition on a free-transfer ).

For the Veterans, the elder statesman among the crew, BSL Veterans's Steve, was given the reins to Captain the team in our typical defensive 4-4-2 format and the following Starting-11.

Fwd. Wayne Keith
Mid. Marc Chris Nebojsa
Def. Steve Martin Rod
GK Bruce

Substitutes Bench:
   • Vern
   • Gonzague
   • Darren
   • Fraser
   • Eralp

1st Period:
    After the initial pleasantries, handshakes and photo-shoots, the Veterans are intimidated again to see the 30-men squad of the Japanese, which certainly were going the split the 3 periods of this epic match.

The game initially got started as a midfield battle. Early on the 5th minute, an unfortunate mild collision between Japanese goalkeeper Wakana San and the Veterans's non-stop striker, Keith, took both of them out of the game. We all know Wakana San had spells of injuries before; yet, Keith watching the game on the sidelines, admitting he can't possibly play, was a rare sight for all of us.

Throughout Period-1, the Japanese were much better on moving the ball with precise passing and ball possession. Midway through the period, they punished the Vets from close range due to a defensive gaffe. [Score: 0-1]

    • First Break ==> Veterans 0 - 1 Japanese

2nd Period:
    In Period-2, the Vets turned the tide around, and gained the upper hand, finding frequent chances in front of the Japanese goalmouth through Wayne, Eralp and Roland.

In one of those purposefully built attacks, Rod slided the ball into the 6-yard-box from the left wing to find Darren among 3 other red-&-black shirts to tap it in for a comfortable equalizer. [Score: 1-1]

    • Second Break ==> Veterans 1 - 1 Japanese

3rd Period:
    The Vets still had the upper hand through most of Period-3, and via a nice assist from hard-working midfielder Nebojsa, Chris unleashed one of his trademark long-range blasts and slotted it into the far-left side net from the right wing. [Score: 2-1]

In the waning minutes of the match, another well thought Nebojsa pass to Chris who, this time, hit the right-post, at which point Wayne popped up for an easy tap in. [Score: 3-1]

    • Full Time ==> Veterans 3 - 1 Japanese

    Overall, another wonderful annual traditional friendly for the Vets League lads who all seemed to be enjoying the outing in great spirit. The Veterans worked hard, and took the Permanent Cup back from the Japanese, and will be cherishing it at least till next year .

Sincere thanks to our pointman with the Japanese community, the influential Wakana San, for organizing the Japanese teams this year. He enabled us to continue this new-building tradition in Bangkok, following the footsteps of legendary Mori San, without whom on the their side this year, the Japanese stood no chance . We wish Wakana San a speedy recovery from his unfortunate knee injury.

We are eagerly looking forward to the 3rd annual "Veterans -vs- Japanese" match in 2009.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — A strong looking Bangkok Veterans team assembled for this 2008 annual traditional friendly with the Bangkok Japanese.
    Standing: Chris, Martin, Darren, Fraser, Marc, Bruce, Nebojsa, Steve
    Front: Eralp, Keith, Gonzague, Vern, Wayne, Roland, Paul, Rod

Picture 2 — Captains, Fukuyama San and Steve, respectfully shaking hands at the beginning of the game.

Picture 3 — All the silverware, raring to go!

Picture 4 — Japanese "Speedy Gonzales" on the day created plenty of trouble on the Veterans defence throughout the game.

Picture 5 — Bangkok Veterans during the 1st break teamtalk.

Picture 6 — Injured Wakana San directing the troops from the sidelines.

Picture 7 — Bangkok Japanese, true to themselves, bring 3 massive squads for the 3 periods to this year's annual traditional friendly.

Picture 8 — Everyone gathers for the trophy presentations.

Picture 9 — Vets Captain on the day, Steve, presents Japanese Captain Shingu San with their Runners-up trophy.

Picture 10 — Shingu San gracefully accepts it.

Picture 11 — Eralp the Organizer presents Chris his deserved Goal of the Day trophy.

Picture 12 — And Steve collects the Winners trophy and the Permanent Cup for the Veterans.

Picture 13 — As is the tradition for the Winners, Steve is presented with the "full" Permanent Cup.

Picture 14 — Steve happily obliges, and duly downs it in one go. Cheers!


Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





Veterans -vs- Japanese
0 - 1 Nakanishi
Darren 1 - 1
Chris 2 - 1
Wayne 3 - 1
3 - 1
    • FB: First Break
    • SB: Second Break
    • FT: Full Time