Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4, Event #15
— Annual Traditional Friendly Derby Match —
• Inaugural "Bangkok Veterans -vs- MBK Tycoons" •
21/Sep/2008 • Harrow School

The Vets outmaneuver MBK Tycoons

Date: 07/Jul/2009
We had the chance to increase the number of annual traditional friendly derby matches when MBK Tycoon's found the VetsLeague website and requested a friendly game. We duly obliged!

A quick e-mail went out to all the Vets on the VetsLeague mailing group, and we had the following volunteers turning up:
    • Veterans League
        - Eralp (M)
    • LeCoq French
        - Dominique (C)
        - Keith
        - Marc
        - Gonzague
    • Woodstock Wanderers
        - Chris
        - Graham
    • BSL Veterans
        - Bruce
        - Roland
    • British Club
        - Preben
        - Peter
        - Wayne
        - Vern
    • Eton Rifles
        - Fraser
    • Anatolian Turks
        - K.Yilmaz
        - B.Yilmaz
    • Yingcharoen Standbys
        - Kritsana
        - Amarin

The venue was Harrow School, and the grass was lush.

The Starting-11 was decided as follows — our typical defensive 4-4-2 formation.

Fwd. Keith Wayne
Mid. Preben K.Yilmaz Vern
Def. Dominique Fraser Peter
GK Bruce

Substitutes Bench:
    • Gonzague
    • B.Yilmaz
    • Marc
    • Chris
    • Kritsana
    • Amarin
    • Eralp

    After the initial pleasantries, handshakes and photo-shoots, Veterans got all their instructions from the Elder Statesmen on the day, LeCoq Dominique.

He had 3 messages for the Vets (1st of which he forgot!):
    • All players play equally — no good, no bad player
    • Everybody supports everybody on the pitch, always positive talking
    • No screaming & shouting to each other
    • (the one he forgot) "Just call to say I love you!"

1st Period:
    Period-1 seemed to be an evenly matched duel, finding the Vets a bit better on the attack. In one of those attacks, Preben, on the left side, moved into the penalty-box, and slotted the ball into the top-left crossbar, bouncing it in wisely. [Score: 1-0]

And, only 2 min later, out of the scramble in the 6-yard-box, K.Yilmaz did not forgive from close range. [Score: 2-0]

    • First Break ==> Veterans 2 - 0 MBK

2nd Period:
    In Period-2, MBK appeared to come back from a re-vitalizing teamtalk, and maintained most of the possession, yet, lacking the decisive finishing touch in the goalmouth.

Instead, a Preben-Vern combination on the left wing brought the 3rd goal for the Vets from an incisive run by Eralp. [Score: 3-0]

Still, MBK threatened the Vets goal more often, in when it seemed like it was coming, it came! After a few precise passes in front of the penalty-box, MBK got their name on the board with a nicely placed long range shot from Vachira that lobbed the Vets's Period-2 goalkeeper, Chris, for a well-deserved MBK goal. [Score: 3-1]

In one of the last actions of the period, we saw BC Peter all the way in MBK's penalty-box, yelling "now . . . now . . . now" for the ball (much like Keith). And, when he was given the ball to his favourite left foot, his blasting shot was barely stopped by MBK goalkeeper's bulging belly.

    • Second Break ==> Veterans 3 - 1 MBK

3rd Period:
    Among the affectionate screams of "I love you!" in Period-3, Dominique managed to move the ball down the left flank, and pass it to energetic Wayne, who, despite his claims , everyone thought overshot the goalkeeper, which speedy Keith duly collected at the other end and coolly slotted, giving the Vets a comfortable lead. [Score: 4-1]

Another 3 min later, B.Yilmaz moved in again from the left, and with his precise trademark left foot shot spelled the game out of reach for MBK. [Score: 5-1]

In the waning moments of the match, B.Yilmaz again moved down from the left flank, producing a nice curving cross that found Fraser, who was making his run all the way back from the center-half position in the defence, tipping the ball in at the backpost for an easy one. [Score: 6-1]

    • Full Time ==> Veterans 6 - 1 MBK

    Overall, a very friendly day and cordial atmosphere in this "first-ever" meet, with plenty of handshakes and beers and trophies afterwards.

Deservedly, the Goal of the Day went to MBK's Vachira, and Veterans kept this annual traditional friendly derby Permanent Cup till next year.

Many thanks to Kh. Mongkol for finding out about the Bangkok Vets and agreeing to organize this friendly. It was well worth it!

Looking forward to the 2009 derby !

Kind regards,

PS: Do read Dominique's take on the match below from a leadership perspective.


Picture 1 — MBK Tycoons in their former glory days.

Picture 2 — Bangkok Veterans look formidable on the day.
    Standing: Peter, Dominique, Keith, Vern, Fraser, Wayne, Preben, B.Yilmaz, Amarin
    Front: Eralp, Gonzague, Bruce, K.Yilmaz, Roland, Graham, Kritsana

Picture 3 — Manager Eralp has only 2 points to make — [1] This is a friendly game, [2] Enjoy the occasion.

Picture 4 — While Peter listens attentively, Captain Dominique has 3 points to make — most important of which is "Just call to say I love you!"

Picture 5 — A happy joint-teams photo before the kickoff.

Picture 6 — MBK goalkeeper doing his goalkick after one of many Vets attacks.

Picture 7 — Vets in their teamtalk during the second break.

Picture 8 — All the silverware, raring to go!

Picture 9 — Graham happy to get on the beer as soon as he hears the final whistle.

Picture 10 — The crowd gathers for the trophy presentations.

Picture 11 — Eralp the Organizer introducing MBK's Runners-up trophy.

Picture 12 — Vets Captain on the day, Dominique, presents the Runners-up trophy to MBK Captain, Kh. Mongkol.

Picture 13 — Vachira receives the Goal of the Day trophy for his masterful lob in Period-2.

Picture 14 — Half-undressed Peter rushes to get to the stage.

Picture 15 — Kh. Mongkol presents the day's Winners trophy to the 2 most elderly players in the Vets on the day, Keith and Peter.

Picture 16 — Another happy post-match joint-teams photo to cap off the day.

Picture 17 — Kh. Mongkol and Eralp discussing the 2009 edition of the annual traditional match plans, while Preben shows off all he's got ("We love you, Ben!").

From: Dominique
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 26/Sep/2008

Captain's Report

Subject : Not any Gayven Sunday !
(this report is not meant to discriminate or be sarcastic against any national minority).

A good band of brothers from all horizons was at Harrow School as the answer to EG's call to play the infamous MBK Tycoons.

EG as Manager arranged the position of each player, and so, the best players always play at the back and the others enjoy it in front (it s not always fun to play at the back when the front players do not bondage well with you!)

Announcement of the Captain name comes as a big big surprise . . . it 's me!

When you are surprised and you do not want to show it , you just pretend you are in control and you take command.

Technique is simple, remember 3 points and make everybody gays what they are while you think about it
if i remember well:
Point 1: Let's play as a team, and use all players
Point 2: We are enough players to have a good party and a goal scoring orgy, so everyone must play
Point 3: Never use the F* word, which is banned, and instead say "Just call to say I love you"

Honestly, I was saved by Stevie Wonder and his song for Point 3. It came to my mind because I only love Black American music. I never intended to turn the whole game in a gay parade!!! This must be clear, and everything that happened next is just miraculous

What I saw was in a disciplined gang of Thais, Turkish, Malaysian, Danes, Austrian, Kiwis, Brits and French having duos and threesome set pieces, all bonding like noone, though none were drilled first. And, all this with players calling each other with sweet names as no one was gagged or flogged. There was no fist or finger play, but exciting encounters like Roland and Keith playing Simon and Garfunkel.

In the end, I thought I was lucky I escaped the reward French Kiss by all team-mates.

So what a success — score is useless, fun is all

Cheers guys,

EG: Have you ever thought of putting a Vets League chariot in the Bangkok Gay pride parade? Some of our guys would do very well!

From: Vincent
Team: LeCoq French
Date: 26/Sep/2008

Guys , you are on another planet!!!! So good.


From: Eralp
Team: Veterans League
Date: 27/Sep/2008

Yes, Vincent, you missed the big orgy.

Attached photo documents those who were involved in the joyride!
[File: Picture 2.jpg]

Hope to see you at the next encounter.



Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





Veterans -vs- MBK
Preben 1 - 0
K.Yilmaz 2 - 0
Eralp 3 - 0

3 - 1 Vachira
Keith 4 - 1
B.Yilmaz 5 - 1
Fraser 6 - 1
6 - 1
    • FB: First Break
    • SB: Second Break
    • FT: Full Time