Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4, Event #19
— Annual Traditional Friendly Derby Match —
• 2nd Annual "Bangkok Veterans -vs- Thailand Seniors" •
01/Nov/2008 • Phasakan Sports Center

Thailand Seniors cruise to another lopsided victory

Date: 25/Nov/2009
At the risk of another rain cancellation, Bangkok Veterans returned to the beautiful grounds of Phasakan Sports to take on the indomitable Thailand Seniors in their annual traditional friendly.

Fresh off from their 2nd championship in 3 years in the 3rd annual Seniors World Cup in Pitsanulok in Apr/2008, the Veterans knew it was going to be an uphill battle against the Thailand Seniors right from the get-go.

A quick e-mail went out to all the Vets on the VetsLeague mailing group, and we had another talented squad in a flash once again:
    • Veterans League
        - Eralp (M)
    • Woodstock Wanderers
        - Chris
    • BSL Veterans
        - Roland
        - Preecha
        - Rod
        - Bruce (C)
    • British Club
        - Graham
        - Peter
        - Guy
        - Ian
        - Wayne
        - Preben
        - Adrian
        - Ashley
    • LeCoq French
        - Keith
        - Gonzague
    • Yingcharoen Standbys
        - Sirichai
        - "Bee"
    • Eton Rifles
        - Peter
    • Sunbelt United
        - Apisak
    • TH Guests
        - Lemon
        - Sutham

    Due to the recent rains, the pitch certainly looked wet, and the possibility of cancellation was in the air. The prospect of playing futsal with a 22-men squad certainly didn't excite anyone.

But, on the urging of their own players, and with the condition that we don't do slide-tackling (Vets League doesn't do slide-tackles, anyhow ), Kh. Thepitak gave the "Go Ahead" only 20min before the scheduled kickoff time, and made everyone happy.

We knew this was going to be a challenging game, and we still went with our usual defensive-minded 4-1-3-2 formation.

The Starting-11 was decided as follows:

Fwd. Keith Preben
Mid. Guy Chris Lemon
Def. Bruce Ashley Rod
GK Adrian

Substitutes Bench:
    • Sutham
    • Preecha
    • Peter
    • Ian
    • Peter
    • Wayne
    • Gonzague
    • Sirichai
    • "Bee"
    • Apisak
    • Keith
    • Eralp

1st Period:
    After the initial pleasantries, handshakes and photo-shoots, the Vets started the Period-1 in a shellshock. On the Vets's first possession loss within 2min, Thailand Seniors brought the ball on a counterattack, and got their 1st goal. Not a good start! [Score: 0-1]

About 15min into the period, Thailand Seniors #42, advanced the ball on the right wing on a quick run, and cut the ball onto the penalty-spot for an easy tap in by their center-forward. [Score: 0-2]

2min after, following a good series of nimble passing in the midfield, Thailand Seniors found the opening in the Vets defence, and got their 3rd goal on a nice lob over Adrian. [Score: 0-3]

On the 20min, in what seemed to be the Vets only attack of the period, Chris dribbled all the way from the midfield, beat the offside trap with an incising run, got his shot out, had it returned from the goalkeeper, struck it again, and sailed it wide right.

    • First Break ==> Veterans 0 - 3 Thailand Seniors

2nd Period:
    2min into the period, the Vets lost their valuable right fullback, Peter, on a self-inflicted slide-tackle injury, and in the vacuum created, Thailand Seniors took advantage and got another goal. [Score: 0-4]

There was a 5th goal right after the 4th, but we can't seem to remember how it happened. [Score: 0-5]

And, so was the case for the 6th one! [Score: 0-6]

Off course, these 3 goals happened in quick succession within the first 10min of Period-2.

On the 15min of the period, a great chance fell in front of Keith who duly lobbed it over the crossbar.

3min after, Ashley got a good chance as he met with the ball on the left side of the penalty-box, got a good look on the whereabouts of the Thailand Seniors goalkeeper, and struck it across to the right inside net. We're on the board, at last! [Score: 1-6]

A few minutes later, a great corner from Graham who found Ashley's head for a well-taken long-range header. The Vets are on a roll. [Score: 2-6]

Another few minutes later, Ashley is involved again, with a swift dribble on the right wing, laid it off to the penalty-spot for a in-waiting Guy who slots it into the right inside net, much like the Thailand Seniors's 2nd goal. The Vets are unstoppable. [Score:3-6]

Then, Thailand Seniors turned on the afterburners, brought the ball down from the left wing, got the cross out, and got their 7th on another easy tap in. [Score: 3-7]

In the last attacks of the period, on a Wayne and Ashley combination, Ashley smacked a hard one right onto their goalkeeper, and volleyed the rebound ball as well, only to hit it over the crossbar.

    • Second Break ==> Veterans 3 - 7 Thailand Seniors

3rd Period:
    The Vets started Period-3 with hopes that perhaps we can get ourselves back in the game. And, yet, on one of their counter-attacks early in the period, Thailand Seniors didn't forgive on another defensive mistake. [Score: 3-8]

10min into the period, Chris and his Northern English talkative nature got himself in hot water and a yellow card, and forced us to play the last 20min with only 10-men.

Nevertheless, the Vets were still on the move, and on a long Ashley cross from the left side connected Gonzague in more than one way, who headed, bellied, kneed, shinned, tapped and toed the ball, and really and determinedly got it across the goal-line. [Score: 4-8]

In the dying minutes of the period, just as we started celebrating our 50% mark (8-4, get it? ), Thailand Seniors got another one in on a nice header out of nowhere at all. [Score: 4-9]

    • Full Time ==> Veterans 4 - 9 Thailand Seniors

4th Period:
    A very nice "Pat Thai" dinner and beers afterward, and the trophies as well. The Permanent Cup will stay with Thailand Seniors for another year again.

    Great day to keep in memories for a long time to come!

On a day when Peter realized slide-tackling can be injurious (to oneself), if we could have knocked in the many chances we got, it could have been a closer encounter. Still, no denying that the Thailand Seniors were the deserved winners.

At the end of the day, we were content with the fact that, at least, among all, we prevented their goalkeeper from scoring (who made a few pretty strong advances to test us in the 3rd period).

Many thanks to Kh. Thepitak for allowing us to play with Thailand Seniors national team for a 2nd year in-a-row, an opportunity we will look forward to next year in 2009.

Kind regards,


Picture 1 — Bangkok Veterans brought another impressive squad to this year's annual traditional friendly. Pictured are:
    Standing: Keith, Preben, Ashley, Peter, Graham, Peter, Adrian, Lemon, Preecha
    Front: Eralp, Ian, Gonzague, Guy, Chris, Roland, Bruce, Rod, Sutham, Wayne

Picture 2 — Thailand Senior in their pre-match organized warm-up drills.

Picture 3 — Bangkok Veterans in their own pre-match warm-up drills.

Picture 4 — Captains shake hands, while the teams pose for a photo-op.

Picture 5 — Gentlemanly hand-shakes before the epic battle.

Picture 6 — The teams take time to pose for a cuddly join-teams photo.

Picture 7 — Ashley is defending with all his might in the midfield, while Roland is calling for reinforcements (not sure from where!).

Picture 8 — The Vets appear calm in their first break teamtalk.

Picture 9 — Huge crowds follow wherever the Vets go.

Picture 10 — Under the floodlights, the Vets are still on the defensive.

Picture 11 — Ladies and Gentlemen, "Phat Thai" dinner is served.

Picture 12 — The Vets take timeout to digest the food and sip the beers.

Picture 13 — Vets Captain Bruce is receiving our usual Runners-up trophy.

Picture 14 — Eralp the Organizer presenting the Goal of the Day trophy to Thailand Seniors's center forward.

Picture 15 — Kh. Thepitak and others applaud Thailand Seniors Captain receiving the Winners trophy on the day.


Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





Veterans -vs- Thailand Seniors

0 - 1 [?]

0 - 2 [?]

0 - 3 [?]
0 - 4 [?]
0 - 5 [?]
0 - 6 [?]
Ashley 1 - 6
Ashley 2 - 6
Guy 3 - 6
3 - 7 [?]

3 - 8 [?]
Gonzague 4 - 8
4 - 9
4 - 9
    • FB: First Break
    • SB: Second Break
    • FT: Full Time