Bangkok Veterans League
Season #5, Event #20
— Annual Traditional Friendly Tournament —
• 2nd Annual "Veterans World Cup" •
15/Nov/2009 • Harrow School

THAIcrew-45 lift both Over-35s and Over-45s Veterans World Cup

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Date: 19/May/2010

Such a whirlwind tournament that it was the 2nd annual Veterans World Cup, and, after many games, goals, rains, mudpuddles, penalties-shootouts, and even coin tosses, this year's World Cup championship go to, would you believe it, an Over-45 team ==> THAIcrew-45 !!!

At their advancing age, they played the tournament strategically and according to the rules, took advantage of them any way they can, and found themselves against last year's Runners-up, Scandinavian Vikings, in the Grand Final.

In total darkness, without even a kickoff whistle, THAIcrew-45 won the championship on an Anders missed penalty over the Vikings (had to mention that :). Then, again Anders did not disappoint in another level, and still carried home the Golden Boot for the 2nd year in-a-row.


As always, we brought back a few lessons home, and will look into improving the annual event in 2010. There is already a suggestion to do it right before the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Great idea (thanks Anders :)

Thanks to everyone who took part in it, for your patience and for sticking with what we call our "Vets Spirit".

It was a great day of football, and many memories to carry forward.

I can hear the grumblings over updating the website, so I'll just put up the photos first, and will plan on inking a full-blown write-up at a later time --- within this decade :)

Thank you.

Kind regards,

In order of registration, the nations in this years Veterans World Cup were:

No. Team Captain
(1) Thailand Siam Peerapong
(2) Germany Matthias
(3) France-45 Dominique
(4) Japan Manow Kenji
(5) England Sunbelt Neil
(6) Southern Hemisphere Oscar
(7) Thailand Cooks Somboon
(8) Thailand Airways  Weerawat
(9) Japan Ohira
(10) Japan-45 Horiuchi
(11) United Nations Matt
(12) THAIcrew-45 Bhranpri
(13) Iran Tony
(14) North America Harold
(15) Scandinavian Vikings Anders
(16) African Union Borge
(17) Thailand Navy Vanchai
(18) Thailand Yingcharoen Sirichai
(19) European Union Chris
(20) Cameroon Pepe

And, when the dust settled (or, when the ponds dried up), the following was the final standings (that I was able to record )

Cup Division Plate Division Shield Division Bowl Division
(1st) THAIcrew-45 (5th) England Sunbelt (9th) Germany (17th) Japan Manow
(2nd) Vikings (6th) Thailand Siam (10th) Thailand Navy (18th) Japan
(3rd) Thailand Cooks (7th)  (11th)  (19th) Japan-45
(4th) France-45 (8th)  (12th)  (20th) Thailand Ying.


Picture 1 — The customary beginning-of-the-day Captains Briefing photo with all the Team Captains to start the proceedings

Picture 2 — Japan Manow Ladies.

Picture 3 — Japan Manow Ladies with Eralp the Organizer.

Picture 4 — England Sunbelt, in their traditional white shirts, still in search of the elusive World Cup trophy.

Picture 5 — Germany.

Picture 6 — Thailand Cooks.

Picture 7 — Thailand Navy.

Picture 8 — African Union.

Picture 9 — Thailand Airways.

Picture 10 — THAIcrew-45

Picture 11 — Thailand Yingcharoen.

Picture 12 — Iran.

Picture 13 — Southern Hemisphere.

Picture 14 — Bruce "the Kiwi" from the Southern Hemisphere.

Picture 15 — Thailand Siam.

Picture 16 — Thailand Cooks appear as indomitable as ever, especially with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls on their side.

Picture 17 — A Thailand Cook.

Picture 18 — England Sunbelt.

Picture 19 — All the silverware (and more), raring to go!

Picture 20 — Well . . . . . some like it hot!

Picture 21 — Marcus from Germany.

Picture 22 — The crowd in anticipation for the trophy ceremony.

Picture 23 — Cheers to the Beautiful Game — to football.

Picture 24 — BadCup! to Thailand Yingcharoen's Captain, Sirichai

Picture 25 — Shield! (9th overall) to Germany's Captain, Matthias.

Picture 26 — Plate! (5th overall) to England Sunbelt's player, Adam.

Picture 27 — 4th place the France-45's Captain, Dominique.

Picture 28 — 3rd place to Thailand Cooks's Captain, Somboon.

Picture 29 — A well-deserved Vets Life Time Achievement award to Anatolian Turks's henchman, Beyhan.

Picture 30 — Scandinavian Vikings's Captain Anders cherishing his Vets World Cup Top Scorer trophy for the 2nd year in-a-row with Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

Picture 31 — Scandinavian Vikings picking up there 2nd place trophy, for the 2nd year in-a-row.

Picture 32 — Anders, once again in the limelight, this time with his team's and his own trophies.

Picture 33 — THAIcrew-45 jubilant in winning both the Over-35s and Over-45s World Cups.

Picture 34 — . . . . . and, hugs and kisses.

Picture 35 — . . . . . and, the speech.

Picture 36 — . . . . . and, more hugs and photos.

Picture 37 — . . . . . and, more photos.

Picture 38— . . . . . and, more photos.

Picture 39 — . . . . . and, more photos.

Picture 40 — . . . . . and, yet, even more photos.

Picture 41 — . . . . . and, finally, Scotland gets their hands on a World Cup trophy at last.




Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to voice your take on the above summary, or would like to obtain the original resolution pictures.





15/Nov/2009 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • THAIcrew-45 8 (2B) Champ!
 • Vikings 11 (1D) 2nd
 • Thailand Cooks 11 (1C) 3rd
 • France-45 7 (2A) 4th
 • England Sunbelt 10 (2C) Plate!
 • Thailand Siam 13 (1A) 6th
 • Germany 7 (3A) Shield!
 • Thailand Navy 6 (3D) 10th
 •  15th
 •  16th
 • Japan Manow 1 (5A) Bowl!
 • Japan 0 (5C) 18th
 • Japan-45 1 (5B) 19th
 • Thailand Ying. 0 (5D) BadCup!
Note: "(3B)" means finished 3rd in Group-B