Bangkok Veterans Futsal League
— Bangkok, Thailand —

Welcome to the official webpage of the Bangkok Veterans Futsal League — an innovative extension of the Veterans League!

After having the Vets League going for more than 2 years, the Vets decided to add an extension to the Veterans League, and explorered into establishing a new "futsal" edition.

Originally floated by Eralp the Organizer during the beginning of Vets League 3rd season in 2007, and after much intense debate and discussion, the Vets Futsal got its inaugural kickoff back in Jun/2007 with 4 (new) visionary "Founding Fathers":
    • LeCoq French (led by Dominique)
    • Campioni Italians (led by Thierry)
    • Hotspot Spotters (led by Preben and Gonzague)
    • BSL Veterans (led by Roland)
plus, the hodgepodge:
    • Team-X Volunteers (staffed by Eralp, Graham, Chris, Keith, Ralf)

and working hard on to build a legacy of its own as we speak!

And, to that end, we keep it simple:
    • Timing:
        - Semi-annually: Once as a national teams "World Cup", once as a club teams "Championship"
        - WorldCup-style tournament format
        - half-day during 10am-3pm
        - 5-6 short games per team (including the Semi Finals and the Grand Final)
    • Venue:
        - always at Rama-2 Futsal Park (map)
    • Rules:
        - FIFA-fair-play-rules
        - over-35-year-old-vets
        - 5-players-a-side
        - 9-minutes-a-half
        - futsal-field (40m x 20m on astoturf)
        - futsal-goals (3m x 2m)
        - low-stud-astroturf-boots
        - no-shinguards-no-play
        - unlimited-rolling-subs-touch-hands
        - minimize-contact
        - any-slide-foul (always-stay-on-your-feet)
        - keepers-can-slide-from-front-inside-their-box
        - tackle-from-behind-yellow-card
        - yellow-card-sit-out-the-half-no-sub
        - red-card-take-a-hike-for-good
        - bonus-point-for-three-goal-win
        - nil-point-for-nil-nil-draw
        - shake-hands-after-each-match
        - enjoy-the-beers-and-trophies-at-the-very-end
        - objective-is-not-to-win-but-to-build-lasting-friendships
    • Plenty of:
        - water
        - softdrinks
        - beers
        - trophies
        - and, laughs!

So, what are you waiting for.? Come, join the fun, and enjoy a day out with real dedicated futsal buffs.

And, if you are a travelling team just passing by Bangkok, we would be delighted to throw you into the mix, and make a friend out of you. We get the field, you get the beer — simple enough ..!

Click here to contact someone who could give you more information.

Hope to see you at the next Vets Futsal tournament.



You can read the archives on the commentary of previous Futsal tournaments, by clicking on the following links.

• 2007                         ____________  
    • Inaugural "Veterans Futsal Championship": 30/Jun/2007 ==> LeCoq
    • Leg-2: 22/Sep/2007 ==> Anatolia
    • Leg-3: 24/Nov/2007 ==> Anatolia

• 2008    ____________                         
    • 2nd Annual "Veterans Futsal Championship": 25/Oct/2008 ==> British Club

Next Vets Futsal — 29/Aug/2009
Date: 05/Aug/2009
The next Vets Futsal tournament, in the shape of "Veterans Futsal Championship" is scheduled for 29/Aug/2009 (Sat.), and is confirmed at Futsal Park (map), kickoff 11:00 am sharp!.

Feel free to e-mail to me to sign up your team.





30/Jun/2007 Results
Teams                          Group Points       Final Standings   
 • LeCoq 1 (5th) Champ!
 • Team-X 6 (3rd) 2nd
 • Hotspot 7 (2nd) 3rd
 • Campioni 10 (1st) 4th
 • BSL 5 (4th) BadCup!
Note: "(3rd)" means finished 3rd after the Groups