Bangkok Veterans League
Season #4
— Meetings 2008 —

This page contains the photos from our many meetings in the Vets League's 4th season in 2008.
    • (1) 30/Jan/2008 - Inaugural "Captains Conference" 2008
    • (2) 28/Feb/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (3) 03/Apr/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (4) 08/May/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (5) 20/May/2008 - "Veterans-in-Casuals" Exploratory Meeting
    • (6) 05/Jun/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (7) 03/Jul/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (8) 31/Jul/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (9) 04/Sep/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (10) 02/Oct/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (11) 30/Oct/2008 - Captains Evening
    • (12) 10/Dec/2008 - Captains Evening

(1) Inaugural "Captains Conference" (30/Jan/2008):

After 3 seasons of Vets League, we thought it might be a good idea to bring the Captains of many Vets League teams together. And, the result was this what we called "Captains Conference" that took place at DownUnder in Sukhumvit Soi 23, in hopes of bringing many Captains and many points of view on how to improve the Vets League, and aim to make it into a community of like-minded individuals for Beautiful Game and our love for it.

Participating Captains were:
• Veterans League : Eralp the Organizer
• British Club : Peter
• Germans : Hartwig, Ralf
• Yingcharoen Standbys : Sirichai
• Harrow Teachers : Steve
• Winking Frog : Graham
• BU Japan : Wakana
• LeCoq French : Dominique
• Bangkok Cosmos : Pedro
• LesGaulois French : Dominique
• BSL Veterans : Roland
• Hotspot Spotters : Preben

Picture 1 — Getting ready to start the proceedings.

Picture 2 — Captains are in waiting for a start.

Picture 3 — Winking Frog's Graham raises his to make a 20 Baht donation to the "But Bucket".

Picture 4 — Final shot of the day, capturing the enormous importance of the momentous "Captains Conference" occasion. Pictured are:
Standing: Sirichai, Pedro, Wakana, Preben, Dominique.
Sitting: Dino, Eralp, Dominique, Roland.

(2) Captains Evening (28/Feb/2008):

Once we got the hang of organizing Captains meetings, we also started gathering for what we call "Captains Evenings" — our monthly strategy and planning meetings, or some call it "excuse for drinking beers".

Picture 1 — Planning for the Bangkok Veterans participation in Prince Cup 20009 in Nontaburi. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left-to-right: Preben, Eralp, Bruce, Sirichai, Graham, Steve, Roland, Mark.

Picture 2 — We lose Steve and gain Martin, while Graham goes on a beer rampage. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left-to-right: Eralp, Sirichai, Bruce, Wakana, Graham, Martin, Roland, Preben.

(3) Captains Evening (03/Apr/2008):

Picture 1 — Under the cozy-yellow DownUnder signage. Pictured are:
Top-to-bottom: Sirichai, Marc, Beyhan, Wakana, Graham, Bruce, Eralp.

Picture 2 — Beers are certainly affecting our judgment. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left-to-right: Wakana, Eralp, Marc, Bruce, Graham, Beyhan, Sirichai.

(4) Captains Evening (08/May/2008):

Picture 1 — With all that paperwork around, much to sort out for for the Vets League. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left-to-right: Sirichai, Wakana, Marc, Eralp, Graham, Roland, Rod.

(5) "Veterans-in-Casuals" Exploratory Meeting (20/May/2008):

And, then, we thought, why not also aim to form a "Veterans" team in Chris's weekly Casuals League. We gathered the troops at the Crossbar to hammer out the details — vision, mission, and ethos (rather big words for the Vets!).

Picture 1 — Vets League's Eralp opens the meeting, explaining what we're aiming to achieve for next season.

Picture 2 — BSL Veterans's Roland is making his point rather poignantly, as Martin, Graham, Ashley, Jason and Marc listen attentively.

Picture 3 — Anatolian Turks's Beyhan adding his 2 stangs in, while, Vern, Hiroshi, Tytus, Preben, Sirichai, Wakana and Rod trying to make sense of things.

Picture 4 — Eralp concludes the meeting, while John Smiths's Kevin taking a well deserved nap in between.

Decision: Yes, let's work on forming a team of Vets League footballers to compete in Casuals League's 2008-2009 season. Much to do, starting with finding sponsors!

(6) Captains Evening (05/Jun/2008):

Picture 1 — Everyone wants to get into the the frame. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left-to-right: Wakana, Beyhan, Eralp, Graham, Peter, Roland, Sirichai.

(7) Captains Evening (03/Jul/2008):

Picture 1 — We're drawing bigger crowds now. Pictured are
Back-row: Steve, Bruce, Dominique, Gonzague.
Middle-row: Sirichai (guest), Eralp, Preben.
Front-pack: Roland, Marc, Sirichai.

(8) Captains Evening (31/Jul/2008):

Picture 1 — New faces brighten up the milieu. Pictured are:
Left-to-right: Eralp, Peter, Keith, Roland, Rod, Joe, Marc.

(9) Captains Evening (04/Sep/2008):

Picture 1 — Some like it hot — I mean, hot tea! Pictured are:
Left-to-right: Eralp, Graham, Bruce, Roland, Dominique.
Front-loner: Rod.

(10) Captains Evening (02/Oct/2008):

Picture 1 — Some of us are certainly deciding under the influence. Pictured are
Left-to-right: Gonzague Eralp, Graham, Bruce, Dominique.
Front-loner: Rod.

Picture 2 — Graham carefully walking Gonzague through his BC Masters masterful lob goal on the weekend, scored with his "2 bad legs", which Wayne claimed as his a dick-tip-in.

(11) Captains Evening (30/Oct/2008):

Picture 1 — Plenty of food, beer, and paperwork — a typical Vets Captains Evening. Pictured are:
Left-to-right: Wakana, Roland, Eralp, Sirichai, Gonzague, Rod, Bruce.

(11) Captains Evening (10/Dec/2008):

Picture 1 — Welcoming Graham back (from Pakistan), and wrapping up the year. Pictured are:
Left-to-right: Bruce, Gonzague, Graham, Roland.
Front-loner: Eralp.