Bangkok Veterans League
Season #5
— Meetings 2009 —

This page contains the photos from our many meetings in the Vets League's 5th season in 2009.
    • (1) 22/Jan/2009 - 2nd Annual "Captains Conference" 2009
    • (2) 05/Feb/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (3) 05/Mar/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (4) 02/Apr/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (5) 30/Apr/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (6) 02/Jul/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (7) 30/Jul/2009 - Captains Evening
    • (8) 02/Sep/2009 - Captains Evening
    • . . . . . and, more to go!

(1) 2nd Annual "Captains Conference" (22/Jan/2009):

After completing an even more successful 4th season on 2008, we though we could have even more desire to voice opinions and make a difference in the 5th season of the Vets League. Unfortunately, we had only 6 Captains attending the 2nd Annual Captains Conference.

Participating Captains were:
• Vets League : Eralp the Organizer
• Sunbelt United : Graham
• BU Japan : Wakana
• LeCoq French : Dominique
• BSL Veterans : Roland
• New Wave : Joe

Picture 1 — 2nd Annual "Captains Conference" gets a start, toasting with Guiness Dark.
Clockwise-from-left: Eralp, Roland, Joe, Dominique.

Picture 2 — Wakana San makes his way to the Crossbar.

Picture 3 — We lose Dominique, and we gain Graham right after.

(2) Captains Evening (05/Feb/2009):

The 2nd Captains Evening of the season took place at the Livingstone's in Sukhumvit Soi 33, at had 2 new faces — Pedro and Carlos, from a soon-to-join team — Los Latinos, while we were also planning for the Inagurual "Bangkok Veterans Classic" international Vets League.

Picture 1 — Happy to see the Captains of a team before they even participated in the Vets League.
Clockwise-from-left: Pedro, Carlos, Roland, Graham, Eralp

(3) Captains Evening (05/Mar/2009):

Picture 1 — Greater attenance this month with more new faces. Pictured are:
Clockwise-from-left: Wakana, Graham, Gonzague, Eralp, Kumar, Martin, Roland, Sirichai

Picture 2 — Eralp the Organizer is paying his dues to the "But Bucket". Rules are rules — they even apply to the Rule Makers!

(4) Captains Evening (02/Apr/2009):

Picture 1 — Gonzague and Eralp are making far-reaching and fundementally-dictatorial decisions for the Vets League, without any opposotion or dissent.

(5) Captains Evening (30/Apr/2009):

Picture 1 — Vets League Captains are honouring one of our international "Bangkok Veterans Classic" sponsors — Olivie Cafe (in Central World) — and, getting a good taste of delicious Mediterranean cuisine.
Clockwise-from-left: Roland, Dominique, Sirichai, Eralp, Laurent

(6) Captains Evening (02/Jul/2009):

Picture 1 — Vets League Captains are toasting to another chatful Captains Evening at Crossbar.
Clockwise-from-left: Dominique, Ikemoto, Wakana, Martin, Eralp

(7) Captains Evening (30/Jul/2009):

Picture 1 — Vets League Captains appear in a serious mood at their Captains Evening at Crossbar.
Clockwise-from-left: Eralp, Bruce, Sirichai, Kumar, Craig, Marc, Gonzague

(8) Captains Evening (02/Sep/2009):

Picture 1 — The joy is back in the Vets League Captains in this month's gatthering at the Crossbar.
Clockwise-from-left: Wakana, Roland, Graham, Eralp, Gonzague