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Anatolian Turks were one of the late additions in the 5 new expansion teams we welcomed in Dec/2006. They searched far-&-wide to find players of Mainland Turkish, Turkish Cypriot, Dagestani Russian, Bulgarian Turk, as well as a lonesome Thai from their current host country.

The strange mix of players took a while to gel together, and with some ups-&-downs finished a respectable 7th overall, on a loss in the QFs to the eventual champion Cosmos, showing promise for the upcoming competitions in 2007.

Team Name: Anatolian Turks
Short Name: Anatolia
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
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   • Captain
   • Coordinator


Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Aug/2009] — This time in their traditional crimson reds, Anatolian Turks never miss a shot with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls. Pictured are:
     Standing: [Ilker], [F1TG], Yilmaz, Sunai, [5], [6], [7], [F1TG]
     Front: [9], [10], Alcan, [12]
*Ranking: Champ! among 16 teams

Self Description:


Over the Years:

[Dec/2006] — The new joiners Anatolian Turks (in their puzzling Argentina kit) finishing 7th overall, and proved that they will be a strong top contenders in the coming months. Pictured are:
     Standing: [1], Tansu, Emre, Neset, Ercan
     Front: Eralp, Yilmaz, Esker, Jumpot
*Ranking: 7th among 16 teams

[Dec/2006] — Everyone is a Ronaldinho wannabe among the Anatolian Turks.

[Feb/2007] — Anatolian Turks, with Chris keeping their goal, were a strong force to reckon with once again. Pictured are:
     Standing: Omer, Esker [3], Yilmaz, Yilmaz, Neset
     Front: Emre, Uzay, Mustafa, Chris
*Ranking: 4th among 14 teams

[Mar/2007] — Anatolian Turks ready for some real action.

[Apr/2007] — The Anatolian Turks, in their new kits, had a good run overall, but came short on any silverware again.

[Jun/2007] — Anatolian Turks watching the Cup Division SF1, having finished at an unprecedented 18th place themselves!

[Jul/2007] — Anatolian Turks, in their national colours, are full of confidence.

[Aug/2007] — Anatolian Turks brought one of their strong squads in recent times. Pictured are:
     Standing: Halit, Yilmaz, Emre, Haydar
     Front: Osman, Mustafa, Yilmaz
*Ranking: 3rd among 7 teams

[Nov/2007] — Anatolian Turks with their massive squad in expectation of high results this month.

[Feb/2008] — A strong title contender Anatolian Turks in their new white kits, with Vikings's Anders in their attack this month. Pictured are:
     Standing: [F1TG], [kid], [Mesut], Sunai, [5], Mustafa, Yilmaz, Haydar, [F1TG]
     Front: Woottinan, Anders, Yilmaz, Beyhan
*Ranking: 3rd among 22 teams

[Mar/2008] — Anatolian Turks were another force to reckon with this month, and giving a good run to Cosmos in the Cup SFs, and in the end, replicating their 3rd place achievement of last month.

[Aug/2008] — Anatolian Turks had another impressive performance in their Group-A pool, quickly running away with the top spot, but lost to eventual Champ! New Wave in the Cup QFs.

[Nov/2008] — Anatolian Turks, with their strong squad, are always a dangerous team to reckon with.

[Nov/2008] — Anatolia's Shield! (9th overall) trophy is awarded to Alcan and his younger and fitter father by Campioni's Bulgarian playmaker, Antonov.

[Apr/2009] — Anatolian Turks looked formidable on the day.

[Jul/2009] — Anatolian Turks, with underage Ilker as the only Turk on the squad, had another close call this month, and missed the penalty-shootout against Crossbar Southerners in the SFs.

[Aug/2009] — Anatolian Turks, with Head Referee Kumar in the lineup, appear disciplined starting from the beginning of the day.

[Aug/2009] — This time in their traditional crimson reds, Anatolian Turks never miss a shot with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Aug/2009] — Anatolian Turks, led by B.Yilmaz in his very last Vets League competition, joyous to pick up their "first-ever" Vets League championship trophy.


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