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Anglo-Franco Alliance existed for a brief moment in the history of the Vets League during the Aug/2006 competition. And, within that brief moment, they have changed the history of the League irreparably.!

You see, Aug/2006 competition was destined to be one of the boring months of all. Not having strong teams like Cosmos or the Winking Frog on the roster, Vikings were supposed to carry it in a heartbeat. Well . . . shopping plans made at home didn't fit the actual shopping at the market.!

The joint-team from British Club and LeCoq French, forming Anglo-Franco Alliance, turned all the bookies bookings up-side-down, and delivered a lethal blow to the Vikings in the Grand Final through their perseverance, teamwork and tactical approach to the game.

And, so they say, the rest is history..!!

Team Name: Anglo-Franco Alliance
Short Name: Anglo-Franco
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator

Website: N/A

Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Aug/2006] — Friendly Grand Finalists, Anglo-Franco -vs- Vikings, before the Grand Final. Pictured are (in red shirts):
    Standing: [1] (LeCoq), Christophe (LeCoq), John (British Club)
    Front: [4] (British Club), Jatsada (British Club), Jed (British Club), Permkiat (British Club), [8] (British Club), Keith (British Club), [10] (LeCoq)
*Ranking: Champ! among 5 teams

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