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British Club, or more affectionately known as "BC", is one of the "Founding Father" teams of the Vets League. One of their former players, Chris Jolly, had originally floated the idea of a Veterans competition in Bangkok towards the end of 2003. However, before he could get to implementing it, he was off to foreign lands in a hurry due to work commitments.

For more than 10 years, they were tirelessly managed by Martin who gathered the troops for battle every single month, never missing any Vets day at all since Vets League's inception. Since the end of 2006, he also is off to foreign lands due to work commitments.

Recently, the reins have been passed on to Peter who is in the process of finding his bearings of this thing called "management".

Team Name: British Club
Short Name: BC
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator

<re-appointed each month!>

Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Nov/2006] — British Club's big squad of talented pool of players was a force to reckon with throughout the day, and they captured the championship after nearly a year of hiatus. Pictured are:
    Standing: Martin, [2], Martin, Eric, Peter, Wayne
    Front: Eric, John, Permkiat, Adrian
*Ranking: Champ! among 8 teams

Self Description:

In the Vets League, the name British Club is quite simply a euphemism for "homeless mutts"!! A smorgasbord of ageing soccer playing dinosaurs from every nation that the empire once colonized or occupied, and even some that it didn't!

Since the commencement of the Vets League, the British Club has used the vast depth of its squad to utilize in excess of 50 different players, never fielding the same squad twice! Albeit, this has been a tactic designed to confuse the Organizer (EG) and the opposition, it also served to create a real degree of anonymity within the squad. (No superstars here, you know!) Hence the unnamed players on the team photo!! (Who are these guys?)

The "thinking" coaches of the world would surmise that it has been difficult to create a winning chemistry within this kind of team. Well . . . far from it.! Whilst winning did indeed proved to be somewhat elusive, chemistry is something that the British Club exudes in abundance, largely due to the amount of chemical intake by the players, before, during and after every Vets League Sunday. The only combatants coming close, mastering the timing of their appearances to maximize beer consumption, are the Germans, although the Winking Frog is catching up fast. And, just to prove that even the greatest teams can make mistakes, in Nov/2006, the British Club got its usually impeccable timing completely wrong, missed out on the early beer, and ended up actually winning the damn thing, much to the surprise of all (almost a year after our first conquest in Dec/2005).

The British Club is proud to have been a founding member of the League and an "ever-present" participant since the inaugural competition in Feb/2005, a feat that we are determined to maintain. To this end, the British Club will continue its incessant recruiting drive, also know as conscription, signing up anyone that looks like they may know what a football looks like, and possessing all appropriate body parts generally in the right spot. In Mar/2007, the use of 5 goalkeepers really epitomized this approach.

The British Club is confident that it can continue to deliver performances reminiscent of a whores drawers, but knowing that when it comes to celebrating, a win (rare), a draw (sometimes) or a loss (often), the British Club will be there to join in the celebrations!!

Over the Years:

[Dec/2005] — The Champ!, British Club grabbed their "first-ever" Top Trophy in the Vets. Pictured are:
    Standing: [1], Terry, Adrian, Martin
    Front: Andy, Eralp, Otto
*Ranking: Champ! among 6 teams

[Oct/2006] — British Club never looked ready though.!

[Dec/2006] — The ever-present British Club were short on numbers throughout the day, and the scores certainly showed, narrowly missing out on the BadCup..!

[Nov/2007] — British Club with black armbands in memory of Martin's recently lost twins.

[Dec/2007] — The intimidating British Club squad.

[Feb/2008] — The ever-present British Club pulled out another successful tournament — 19th overall!

[Mar/2008] — British Club, with the aid of Hotspot's Preben and Vern, had an impressive run this month.

[Apr/2008] — British Club look thin on the ground in the beginning of the day.

[Apr/2008] — The British Club gang lined up for a lovely picture with the Formula-1 Trophy Girls.

[Aug/2008] — British Club, with the aid of Hotspot's Preben and Vern, but this month missing legendary Reza in goal, had an another impressive run this month, finishing 3rd overall.

[Nov/2008] — British Club and their faithful supporters guarding all the many trophies on offer this month.

[Nov/2008] — Members of the British Club Masters (today, playing for various teams) are recognized, and duly enjoying the spotlight, as the 2nd Annual "Veterans Futsal Championship" champions from a week ago.

[Apr/2009] — British Club enjoying the day as always.

[Apr/2009] — Shield! (9th overall) winners, British Club, enjoying their 15-seconds-of-shame.

[Jul/2009] — British Club are always smiles when the Formula-1 Trophy Girls are around.

[Aug/2009] — The Omnipresent British Club were present (in spirit) by their former stalwarts, Eralp (in Anatolian Turks), Vern (in LeCoq French) and John (in Scandinavian Vikings) on the day.


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