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British-Frog United existed for a brief moment in the history of the Vets League during the Aug/2007 competition. And, within that brief moment, they have changed the history of the League irreparably (much like its older brethren from a year ago in Aug/2006)!

It seems like the August competitions are what the British Club lads thrive on, because we usually have the least number of teams in the running due to the summer holidays. Strong teams like Cosmos, LesGaulois, Debsirin or Vikings were missing in action again in Aug/2007. However, one other strong team of the Vets, Winking Frog, was present in force, but just short of the preferred number of 7 players.

So, what do you know — this was a match made in heaven. In a flash, we had a new Top Cup contender team emerging as the "British-Frog" ..! We're talking NIST's commanding Captain Adrian at the helm, Derek the Frog in the goal, plus Winking Frog's Joe and Paul ploughing the midfield seeding the goals, other teams didn't stand much chance.

With a bit of luck against Anatolia in the first match, they took the Group Stage at their own stride, and never looked back after that, skillfully disposing Irish Xchange in a penalty-shootout in the SFs, and clinically finishing off Germans in the Grand Final.

And, so they say, the rest is history..!!

Team Name: British-Frog United
Short Name: British-Frog
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator

Website: N/A

Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Aug/2007] — British-Frog's formidable squad, while Derek the Frog pulling his usual pranksters. Pictured are:
    Standing: [1], Andy, Derek, Adrian, Paul, Julian
    Front: Wayne, Paul, Joe
*Ranking: Champ! among 7 teams

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Over the Years:

<may-never-exist again!>


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