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Campioni Italians was the 4th and last one of the expansion teams in Mar/2007. They seemed like an off-shoot of LeCoq French; however, the passion and the flair they displayed on the pitch, and more so on the sideline, was like never seen before in the Vets.

We can safely say that this team will go places no team has gone before.!

Team Name: Campioni Italians
Short Name: Campioni
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator

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Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Nov/2007] — Campioni Italians brought their biggest team this month which paid huge dividends, finishing 3rd overall in the day. Pictured are:
    Standing: [1], Carlo, [3], Gerome, [5], [6], [7], [8]
    Front: [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [kid]
*Ranking: 3th among 14 teams

Self Description:

That's Andy's fault. You can put the blame on him !

So much booze at his party, this Mar/3rd !

That's when, after so many glasses, one of us started to talk about the so famous monthly Vets tournament, and that we raised the challenge to play the following Sunday with a unique goal: "Let's not finish last !!" (Actually, the following 2 sub-goals should be also be add "Let's have fun" and "Let's not get injured as our wives would kill us !").

For those who do not know Andy's place, that is this cursed place where most of us gathered on Jul/9th to eventually see, at almost 5:00 am in the morning, Trezeguet kick his penalty-shootout above the bar, and Cannavaro lift the Jules Rimet cup.

That's the reason why, after few more glasses of wine, we ended up being called "Campioni" and not "LesChampions" !

Truly, we should be called "The world is my Oyster" as the team is made of two Americans (Jay and Omar), one Belgian (Patrick), four French (Christophe, Fred, Jerome and Thierry), one Israeli (Hanan), two Italians (Carlo and Fabio), one Luxembourgian (yes, no joking! sorry Arnaud), one New Zealander (John the All-Black), two Swedish (Niclas and Stefan) and one Swiss (Roland) !!

We are still rehearsing our "Haka", thanks to John, and hope to be ready in the near future !

Well, no need to tell you that Campioni is first of all — a team of good pals. We live in the same condominium, and that creates a true bonding. All right, we have to work for five days but when comes Friday night, the swimming pool and the wine await us. That's when you know that the weekend has really started, the first glass of wine, the first joke. And, this goes on until Sunday when we meet at 5:00 pm on the small pitch to play some futsal, most of the time with the kids who are so proud to dribble their fathers. That's Campioni. A real soul. So, do not be surprised when you see the team on the side of the pitch cheering and screaming like girls supporting their team. "One for all and all for one" is one of our values that self imposed to us.

One last word, the first time we played, on Mar/11th, most of us said "Let's play this time, but we won't be able to play again as we already do not spend much time with the family, and cannot afford to leave them for the day every month". Guess what, we enjoyed so much the game, the ambiance, the organization (thanks EG !!) that we decided to confront our "government" and committed to join as often as possible !

Well . . . . . you like football?, you are more than 35?, you are Brazilian, Argentinian or any other nationality?, come and live at our place. Great ambiance all year long, and a job in a fun team are waiting for you !!

And for those who like parties, after Carlo, Thierry and Andy, Patrick and Christophe already organized theirs !!! Great music, great food, great booze and sweet girls assured !!!

Over the Years:

[Apr/2007] — The joyful Campioni Italians bettered their rankings this month, only losing to Amadeus Bookmakers in the 3rd Place game. Pictured are:
    Standing: Arnaud, Niclas, Fabio, Fred, Stefan, John
    Front: Roland, Jerome, Thierry, Carlo, Patrick
*Ranking: 4th among 16 teams

[Mar/2007] — The very vocal Campioni Italians, in their Denmark-red kits, easily swept into their "first-ever" Vets League.

[Mar/2007] — Campioni Italians return to the iris of the camera, this time in their Swedish-yellow kits. Pictured are:
    Standing: Jerome, Fred, Carlo, Omar, Niclas, Tizziano, Arnaud, John
    Front: Christophe, Roland, Thierry, Jay, Hanan
*Ranking: 7th among 19 teams

[Oct/2007] — With Thierry and Carlo on board, Campioni Italians are always a powerhouse.

[Mar/2008] — Usually strong Campioni Italians were in search of their influential leader, Thierry.

[Nov/2008] — The entire Campioni Italians invade the stage to show off their Plate! (5th overall) finish.


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