Bangkok Veterans League
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• Debsirin Grads •

Debsirin Grads was the 3rd team of the 4 new expansion teams of our Mar/2007 competition. From the looks of them, we thought they were in it just for the fun of it. However, what we witnessed was they were having fun while running circles around the opposition.

And, they proved their worth by carrying home the 2nd place trophy

Team Name: Debsirin Grads
Short Name: Debsirin
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator


Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Mar/2007] — Debsirin Grads had specific plan for the Top Trophy in their "first-ever" entry in the Vets League. Pictured are:
    Standing: Decha, [2], [3], [4], [5]
    Front: [6], Permkiat, [8], [9]
*Ranking: 2nd among 19 teams

Self Description:


Over the Years:

[Mar/2007] — Debsirin Grads are joyous at the end of the day with their 2nd place showing.

[Apr/2007] — Debsirin Grads having a good time on the Vets. [picture courtesy of Debsirin webboard]


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