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Irish Xchange was the last of the 5 new additions we welcomed in Dec/2006. Their laid-back, sleepy kind of football put everyone to sleep, until we woke up with the news that the Grand Final of 2006 season-ending tournament was Cosmos -vs- Irish Xchange..!! With barely 7 players, it was indeed a great achievement.

Under the disciplinary management of Kevin, the Irish Xchange is here to do business in 2007.

And, in Oct/2007, we have been informed that there won't be Irish Xchange in the Vets any more, but it miraculously re-invented itself as John Smiths.

Team Name: Irish Xchange
Short Name: Irish
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator


Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Jul/2007] — Finalist, Irish Xchange and Winking Frog, posing for fame before their Grand Final battle. Pictured are (in red shirts):
    Standing: Malcolm, Hiroshi, [3], [4]
    Front: Chris, Kevin, Eric, [8]
*Ranking: Champ! among 14 teams

Self Description:


Over the Years:

[Dec/2006] — Cosmos and Irish Xchange celebrating the day after their entertaining, but lopsided, 3-0 Grand Final. Pictured are (in black shirts):
    Standing: [1], [2] , [3]
    Front: Eric (shirtless!), Kevin, Phil, [7]
*Ranking: 2nd among 8 teams

[Mar/2007] — Irish Xchange is never to be underestimated.

[Aug/2007] — Defending Champ! Irish Xchange came short this month, bowing out to British-Frog on penalty-shootouts in the SFs.


Feel free to e-mail to me if you would like to post your own team photo with a fitting commentary.