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Once they heard of it, LeCoq French wanted to be a part of the Vets League in a flash. Under the leadership and enthusiasm of Dominique, LeCoq have kicked off their Vets League campaign starting from May/2006, and have never looked back.

Initial few months were strong showings for LeCoq, finishing 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. However, the results of the last couple of months in Nov/2006 and Dec/2006 indicate the spark will need re-igniting for the 2007 season.

Team Name: LeCoq French
Short Name: LeCoq
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator

Website: N/A

Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Jun/2007] — A nice joint-photo of the bitter rivals at the end of SF2. Pictured are (in blue shirts without the bibs):
    Standing: Marc, Christophe, Dominique, Jean-Pierre, Yamine, Germain, [7]
    Front: Vincent
*Ranking: 3rd among 20 teams

Self Description:

LeCoq, Unique!

Ah, the French. Those fussy, arrogant, cheese-eating, wine-drinking snobs . . . . . . . . Stop!

Here comes LeCoq!

Started as the French team challenging in the BCCT Masters tournament in May/2006, "Les Coqs", as it was named, reached and won their own final*

The unassuming team was then approached by EG, a talent scout (almost sounds like Epstein, Brian, for those Vets who know what I mean ). If Epstein was a great talent discoverer, EG is far above him. He took us under his wing and launched us in the Vets League which counted 5 teams at that time.

As Brian changed an "e" for an "a" to set a unique name for his Beetles team, EG similarly coined a more flashy name for us: LeCoq! So we went from plural to singular, and from commodity to Unique. That was also easier for EG's vague grammar notions.

As a consequence, of course, La Gloire quickly came into the Vets League. For our 10th participation on 11/Mar/2007, there will be more than 20 teams to acknowledge EG's fantastic choice, and see the Marveulousse and Unique Equipe (team) LeCoq win a top 10 position final.

Our team consist of 23 deserving immortals, a reliable group of players that can hardly make a team of seven once a month — those who can are now called the Magnifiques Seven.

As we are now seriously committed and set our sight higher, we also need more serious refereeing in this league. Since we are the only team regularly arguing with the referees, we propose to set a new and modern rule to recruit only French speaking referees. That will keep the barbarians in the dock, other teams will save themselves the bad words, and it will be much easier for us to understand why we do not win this league every month and improve our performance .

Signed: Le Capitaine ("Pitou" for the players)

Since it is free web space, we have no qualms in abusing it with our classified ads where you can notice the average profile of all our Seven Magnifiques players.

Recruitment Opportunities: Top team looks for skilled, talented, educated French speaking Over-35 top guns to join the Elite. Our group of graduates of Grandes Ecoles, all trained at McKinsey, AT Kearney, JP Morgan. After a few months in our glamorous team, you will know what it is to be a member of LeCoq team.

If your secretary is pretty, she can call us at 02-661-8607, and she can also join the fitness test.!

*We lost it, but you would surely agree that the story sounds better this way!

Over the Years:

[Oct/2006] — The great French team — of the '80s.! (Love those red boots.!). Pictured are:
    Standing: Gerard, Thierry, [3], Christophe, [5]
    Front: [6], [7], Eric, Olivier, [10]
*Ranking: 2nd among 7 teams

[Nov/2006] — LeCoq French had a large and intimidating squad this month.

[Dec/2006] — LeCoq French, under the leadership of Dominique, were full of smiles throughout the day, and they won "their own final" — the 13th-14th place game.!!

[Feb/2007] — Dominique and the LeCoq boys had a lot riding this month, and won their own "11th place" final!

[Feb/2007] — LeCoq French seem they're done for the day.

[Mar/2007] — LeCoq is notorious with their attention to detail when it comes to supply of material and equipment.

[Jun/2007] — LeCoq enjoying their brief break before the next match.

[Jul/2007] — LeCoq is in awe, watching their defending Champ! compatriots LesGaulois in action.

[Nov/2007] — LeCoq French and their long queue of supporters ready to kick off the day (What's Anatolian's Haydar doing in the mix?)

[Feb/2008] — "Le Bleu" LeCoq French caught in their reds "first-ever" time.

[Mar/2008] — LeCoq pictured with their "alma pater" le coq.

[Apr/2008] — LeCoq French (featuring the new transfer Keith) singing their hearts out for their "first-ever" BadCup! trophy in the Vets League.

[Nov/2008] — LeCoq French wishing they could get the Veterans World Cup trophy one day.

[Nov/2008] — Surprising 3rd place finishers, LeCoq French, grab the free beer-bucket coupon, and run with it.

[Jul/2009] — LeCoq French's Eric, Dominique and Olivier always give their best for one last one for the road.

[Aug/2009] — LeCoq French are glad they have made it to the end of the day.


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