Bangkok Veterans League
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After a few months of lull in the new team signings, we had Pickled Liver joining the Vets League in Nov/2006 as the sole "rookie" team. Their first outing at the Vets was a sobering experience, where they narrowly missed out on the BadCup! in a deadly shoot-out against the Sunbelt.

Having learned their lesson, they came back for more in Dec/2006 season-ending tournament, where, after a very successful Group Stage (in which they handed the group top spot to Winking Frog on penalties again), they swept the rest of the Knockout Stage all the way to a worthy BadCup! win.

In order not to build a winning streak!, they skipped out on the new season's Feb/2007 competition (some curiously commented "By design!"), only to return in Mar/2007 and nearly fight it out for the BadCup! against BSL Veterans who conceded quickly before Pickled Liver could claim the BadCup!

Undeterred, their Apr/2007 was a marvel of a story, bring home some "real" silverware as they won the Plate! (5th overall) trophy.

Such goes the Vets League . . . . . month in, month out..!

Team Name: Pickled Liver
Short Name: Pickled Liver
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
   • Manager
   • Captain
   • Coordinator


Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Apr/2006] — At last, Pickled Liver's huge squad brought home some much sought-after silverware this month. Pictured are:
    Back: Steve, Finlay, [3], Craig, Stuart, [6], [kid], [kid]
    Front: [8], [9], [10]
*Ranking: Plate! (5th overall) trophy among 16 teams

Self Description:

The Pickled Liver is a disjointed band of brothers consisting largely of a collection of northern invaders, vagabonds, thieves and undesirables with nothing better to do on Sunday afternoons.

Determined to succeed each time they take to the hallowed turf of Harrow School, their motto is "Consectatio excellentiae", a Latin phrase meaning "In pursuit of excellence".

However, in reality we live up to our true billing . . . "Non progredi est regredi", meaning "To not go forward is to go backward."

Over the Years:

[Nov/2006] — Pickled Liver had a great time in their first outing in the Vets.

[Dec/2006] — Pickled Liver were on the beers too early. The result was a BadCup! performance.!! Pictured are:
    Back: Scott, [2]
    Front: Stuart, [4], [5], Craig
*Ranking: BadCup! among 16 teams

[Mar/2007] — The camaraderie in this Pickled Liver team is untouchable.


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