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Team-X, as coined by Sunelt's Preben, first started as a volunteer filler-upper team in the Apr/2007 competition when we needed a 16th team to complete the match fixtures for a nice-&-even 16-team competition. Young-&-old, these volunteers were genuinely dedicated football lovers who came from far-&-wide to fight for an honourable cause in helping the tournament organization.

Elevated from bench-warmers to true stars, they fulfilled their dream of being first-team starters, and fought with honour and courage in order not to end up with the venerable BadCup! and the "BadCup! Holders" title, as they knew they most probably wouldn't get the chance to defend it the next month.

So, they did put on a great tournament play, coming 13th overall, even beating LeCoq in their last Group game, scoring a goal onto Debsirin in the Shield Division QF2, taking apart Sunbelt on penalties to avoid the BadCup! Final, and triumphing over Japan FC on penalties again in the 13th Place game.

Wonderful show of football from a bunch of soul (or rather, team) searchers.!!

Hope to add more success onto this Apr/2007 Team-X edition in the coming months & years.

Team Name: Team-X Volunteers
Short Name: Team-X
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
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   • Captain
   • Coordinator

Website: N/A

Best Team (with photo on file!):

[Oct/2007] — Team-X at that instance in time. Pictured are:
    Standing: Bruno (Amadeus), [2], Preben (Hotspot), Graham (Winking Frog)
    Front: [5] (Hotspot), [6] (Hotspot), Gonzague (Hotspot), Vern (Hotspot), Kevin (Winking Frog)
*Ranking: 16th among 20 teams

Self Description:


Over the Years:

[Apr/2007] — Apr/2007 Team-X Volunteers brimming with confidence, and pulling in a respectable 13th place. Pictured are:
    Standing: Keith (Sunbelt), Gary (BSL), [3], [4]
    Front: Sirichai (Yingcharoen), [6] (Yingcharoen), [7], [8]
*Ranking: 13th among 16 teams

[Jun/2007] — Hodgepodge members of this month's Team-X Volunteers, who volunteered to form Team-X throughout the day, evidence their 16th place (or "non-BadCup!") achievement.

[Nov2008] — This month's Team-X fought hard not to get that revered BadCup!

[Nov2008] — Members of this month's Team-X satisfied with their Bowl! (17th overall) finish, while Preben is caught making his trademark move.


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